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We realize there are thousands of website businesses, so why would you want to shop at The Herbs Place? To help you get to know the character of The Herbs Place, here’s a few comments you may enjoy.

From one of our first customers

"I have personally known The Herbs Place since 1982. When I met them I pretty much knew nothing about alternative medicine. Donna personally took me under her wing and answered all my questions and gave me good ideas on how to improve my health without the use of chemicals and drugs. You will find them to be open and honest and willing to work with your health needs according to your agenda not theirs, i.e. they aren’t pushy! They aren’t trying to push a product, but rather are willing to help you learn about better health through natural means." Robin

From a doctor who refers patients

"I have known The Herbs Place for many years. I have found them to be a wealth of accurate, practical information concerning everything from general health, natural remedies, solid Christian spiritual counsel with a firm Biblical basis, and even mental health tips (how to stay sane and joyful as we live).

I have found The Herbs Place to have the utmost integrity in everything they believe and are involved in. I am a physician, and when I desire a second opinion on health concerns regarding myself or my children, I always seek their wisdom first.

Words cannot do justice to this couple or express how special they are. They are truly a blessing to everyone they interact with, whether it involves a business transaction, simple personal acquaintance, close friendship, or simply being ‘prayer warriors’. They are wonderful, dedicated, knowledgeable, faithful "saints" that make this world just a little easier to live in." Dr. Teresa Allen, Montgomery, Alabama

From a customer that became a Member

"My entire family began using natural herbs (Nature’s Sunshine) one year ago. At the time, we were looking for an alternative to the synthetic medicine that our eleven year old daughter was taking for Attention Deficit Disorder. The medicine had caused some serious side effects. We heard about Ginkgo/Gotu/Kola and started using it.

I was introduced to The Herbs Place by a co-worker. I became a Member. Whenever I have questions about products, I get in touch with them, and they always seem so eager to assist and educate me about the products and their use. My interaction with Randal has been limited, but the times I have spoken with him, he has been kind and helpful in giving me much needed information.

On the other hand, I have talked extensively with Donna. I have been able to share personal as well as herbal concerns with her. I am a very private person, but I feel so comfortable with her that it has been easy to open up and talk. I know that our spirits bear witness with each other. Donna is loving and very pleasant. She has advised and educated me about the effects of numerous herbs, for which I am very grateful. My entire family has benefited from the use of natural herbs." Patricia C. Wilson

From a previous employee at our shop

"The Herbs Place is a wonderful source of information! The Herbs Place are both caring and sweet people and have the store in order to help others. They have extensive resources to help you with any problems you may be having and if they don’t know the answer they will find it. They inform others how to live healthfully and offer a wealth of information. I would highly recommend the classes because you can learn something that you can use." Gay Coughlin

From our satisfied website customers

"Thanks so much for getting back to me. I just wanted to give you all big kudos! You all have been a pleasure to order from in the past. I can never say enough good things about you folks! Thanks much!" Jay

I have ordered from you from time to time over the past several years and have directed friends and family to your site too. It's just super easy… your service is wonderful and fast. Thanks for being in business. Clearly must have great employees for it to seem so flawless on the customer side. Have a great day! Karen

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