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Nature's Sunshine Calcium ProductsWhich Calcium Is Right for You?
by Courtney Hammond

The body contains more calcium than it does any other mineral. Calcium is vital to the health and strength of bones, teeth and muscles. Calcium also plays an essential role in blood clotting, nerve conduction and many cellular functions. Studies show that calcium supplementation can help protect your healthy bones.

Nature’s Sunshine offers several different calcium supplements. Some contain magnesium, some vitamin D. One comes from the ocean, another is in liquid form. Which one is right for you? And, which are the best for your customers? It depends on individual needs. To help you decide, we have spotlighted each NSP calcium product.

Calcium Absorption
How much calcium you ingest is not as important as how much calcium you absorb. Calcium is notoriously difficult to absorb. That’s why it is important to know what things may affect the calcium you absorb and to choose a calcium supplement that optimizes absorption. Factors in calcium absorption:

* Age – Children absorb up to 60 percent of dietary calcium. By young adulthood, absorption rates drop to 20–40 percent. Adult absorption rates can be even lower.

* Calcium salts – Supplemental calcium comes in the form of calcium salts, such as calcium phosphate, calcium lactate, etc. Calcium salts have different absorption rates. For example, calcium lactate is about 32 percent absorbed while calcium citrate is approximately 30 percent absorbed. By combining a number of different calcium salts in a supplement, absorption can be optimized.

* Magnesium – Calcium depends on magnesium for proper assimilation in the body. The ideal ratio of magnesium to calcium is 1:2. A 1:1 ratio may be helpful for those with special magnesium needs, such as mature women.

* Vitamin D – Vitamin D enhances calcium absorption.

* pH balance– Optimal pH balance increases calcium absorption.

* Pregnancy/Lactation – These periods of greater nutritional needs are also accompanied with significantly greater absorption of all nutrients.

Recommended Dietary Intake for Calcium
RDI for infants (0–1) 500–550 mg/day
RDI for children (1–10) 770 mg/day
RDI for young adults 957 mg/day for males, 864 mg/day for females
RDI for pregnancy/lactation 1,350 mg/day
RDI for adults (25–50) 800 mg/day
RDI for older adults (50+) 1,000 mg/day

Coral Calcium—For Balanced pH
Coral Calcium is a great product for those who need to maintain balance in their pH levels. With a natural pH level of 10–11, Coral Calcium has an alkalizing effect on the body and will offset acidity. Creating a more balanced pH spares the calcium already in the bones, meaning the body doesn’t have to pull calcium from the bones to offset acidity.


Liquid Calcium—Makes Taking Calcium Easy
Liquid Calcium is so easy to take. It tastes great and there are no pills to swallow. That makes it a perfect choice for children and the elderly—two groups with especially important calcium needs. Liquid Calcium contains calcium phosphate, calcium citrate and calcium lactate along with vitamin D, magnesium and zinc for easy absorption and assimilation.


Calcium–Magnesium—Calcium Plus Minerals
Calcium–Magnesium is a wonderful calcium supplement for adults. It contains calcium phosphate and calcium amino acid chelate along with magnesium in a 2:1 ratio, perfect for calcium absorption and bone mineralization. It also contains vitamin D, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, copper and boron. Minerals work best in the presence of other minerals. When calcium levels are low in the blood, the body will often take calcium from the bone. The SynerPro® concentrate base assures that your body gets adequate levels of many minerals, while providing other protective factors. (Contains no wheat.)


Skeletal Strength®—A Great Choice for Women
Women have special calcium and magnesium needs. RDIs for pregnant or lactating women are high, and as women approach menopause, their need to maintain bone density increases. Skeletal Strength is a perfect choice for women with these special needs. It contains calcium and magnesium at a 1:1 ratio to meet women’s increased need for magnesium (to offset occasional constipation, minor menstrual cramping, muscle aches following exercise).

Skeletal Strength also contains digestive aids and other vitamins and minerals to improve mineral absorption. This product also benefits those who desire extra magnesium intake and added support for the entire structural system, including ligaments and tendons.


Choose the best calcium for your needs and give your body what it craves—calcium products from Nature’s Sunshine.

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