What Is VS C

VS C or VS-C refers to a combination of herbs used to build and strengthen the immune system. In this day and time of rampant viruses and bacteria it is important to keep our immune systems strong.

History of VS C

VS C was originally called HRP-C . It was created by a Chinese doctor that knew the United States needed his expertise. Primarily, strengthening the United States citizens immune systems. This doctor spent 2 years here and actually had clinical trials at Case Western Reserve University.

The trials were very successful and many pharmaceutical companies actually wanted to isolate the active constituent to patent it. After the patent process they wanted to make a drug out of it. However, it was a combination of herbs making it impossible to isolate a solitary active constituent. Therefore, the drug companies weren’t interested. However, Nature’s Sunshine wanted it for their product line. The Chinese doctor went home. Now, Nature’s Sunshine had a new product.

Vs-C vegi

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