Weight Loss Outline

Weight Loss

Why Should We Lose Weight?

A. Health Problems

B. Self-Esteem

C. Society’s View

D. Increases Self-Control


A. Cravings

1. Dairy Products

2. Fats and Fried Foods

3. Salty Foods

4.Breads or Starches

5. Sweets

B. Stress

1. Have to be relaxed to lose weight

2. Burn up carbohydrates under stress

3. Hold in emotions and it will cause you to hold your weight

C. Incorrect Eliminations

1. Have to eliminate proportional waste

2. Soluble vs. insoluble Fiber

D. Hormonal Imabalance

1. Dry skin & essential fatty acids

E. Sabotaging Your Progress

1. Poor self-esteem

2. Fear of success

3.Friends and family

4. Evidences of these being present

F. Eating Habits

1. 20 minutes to register “satisfied”

2. Eating right before bedtime

3. Avoid activities that lead to eating

False Solutions

A. Fad Diets

1. Not reality

B. Special Foods

C. Over-Consumption in a Certain Food Group

Sound Answers

A. Nutritional Supplementation

B. Exercise

C. Self-Control

D. Book – “Diet Alternative” – by Diane Hampton

Issue – We have to burn more calories than we consume, consistently

Multiply current weight X 15 =

The average number of calories/day to maintain your current weight

Subtract 500 (for 1/2 lb.) or 1000 (for 1 lb.) from that number =

The number of calories/day you should consume to lose from 1/2 pound to 1 pound per week.


200 (current weight) X 15 =

3000 calories/day to maintain current weight

Subtract 500 =

2500 calories/day to lose 1/2 pound per week

Subtract 1000 from 3000 =

2000 calories/day to lose 1 pound per week.


Men shouldn’t go below 1500 calories per day

Women shouldn’t go below 1200 calories per day

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