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Weight Loss Logic Leads to Success:
Finding the Right Tools for the Job
by Brian Gill

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“You could lose weight if you wanted to,” is something Brad Gardner, from Idaho Falls, Idaho, has heard all too often throughout his life. As a once self-proclaimed “heavier person,” Brad says, “As a heavier person, you know how much you want to lose weight. It’s not about wanting to; it’s about finding what works for you and sticking with it.”

“I’m exactly like everybody else. I’ve tried and failed many times at weight loss.”

Fortunately, Brad found what works for him at a Nature’s Sunshine Leaders Conference workshop conducted by Jennifer Weiss called “Acids Away, Pounds Away” this past February. It was Jennifer’s logical, common-sense approach to weight loss that inspired him to change his lifestyle and his life forever.

In just four months, Brad lost 60 lbs., dropping from 255 lbs. to 195 lbs. and his body fat percentage from 38 percent to 26 percent. “I feel great. The best part about this program is that I’m losing weight but not sacrificing my health to do so,” says Brad.

It’s no wonder he feels better and more energetic his lean muscle mass has actually increased 8 to 9 lbs.; on other diets you would typically expect lean muscle mass to decrease.

So, what’s his secret? No secret, just common sense and logic. In addition to a healthful diet consisting of mostly alkaline foods – including lots of vegetables – Brad has been taking full advantage of the Nature’s Sunshine line of weight-loss products.

“My philosophy is that there is not a single magic bullet for losing weight, but there are tools to help you lose weight.”

To help maintain balanced pH levels in his body, Brad drinks a green drink each morning, using Ultimate GreenZone and Coral Calcium as a base. He takes threeMetaboMax Free (one in mid-morning, two in mid-afternoon) per day to boost metabolism. And if he feels like he’s overdone it on carbohydrates or fats, he will supplement with Carbo Grabbers or Fat Grabbers respectively. He takes Collatrim on an empty stomach just before bed and has a strict rule about not eating after 6:30 p.m.

Throughout the day, Brad focuses on making better food choices, selecting foods that will give him a lot (of nutrition and energy) for a little (fewer calories and less fats and sugars). Sometimes Brad’s friends and family will ask how he can give up all the foods he ate previously. Brad’s mantra is: “Concentrate on the foods you can eat, forget about the ones you can’t.” One of his favorite meals is Jennifer Weiss’s cabbage soup. To any liquid, vegetable-base soup mix, he adds a head of cabbage and a bevy of healthful vegetables, including, onions, celery, carrots, spinach, collard greens and his special ingredient, roasted green chilies. “You won’t believe how good it is until you try it,” says Brad. Once Brad started to feel better and see the results, losing weight became even easier. He now enjoys hiking and backpacking and plays racquetball two hours each week.

An Advisory Engineer for Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory, Brad is the type of guy to whom we can all relate. Not because he’s an engineer, but because he appreciates a logical, common-sense approach to solving problems. Brad thanks Jennifer Weiss for her inspiring class at Leaders Conference; his wife for always supporting him; and Nature’s Sunshine for providing the tools he needed to lose weight and better enjoy life.

Brad and his wife, Frannie, are owners of the Herbs for Health shop in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

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