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Customer Comments for People and Pets

“I decided to try herbs for my 4-year-old hyperactive-ADD son. I began using VALERIAN and Stress-J. We also changed his diet eliminating sugar and red coloring. In two months we noticed a difference; now 6 months later we don’t have a problem as long as we use the herbs. One day I forgot the herbs when I dropped him off at the day care center. There was panic in his eyes and in his teacher’s eyes. They both knew how key these herbs were to his well-being.” G.W.

Constant Pain
“My husband and I both had root canal work the same week and were in a lot of pain, but didn’t want to take the prescription medication from the dentist. I stopped into “The Herbs Place” and asked what we could use for pain. I was directed to VALERIAN to use topically and to be swallowed. This worked great for both of us and we were able to avoid the medication.” M.M.

Hyper Dog
“We had a couple who used herbs and had a hyper Rottweiler that would race to the door to “greet” anybody that visited. With an in-home business, this family needed some calming herbs. They began giving him VALERIAN ROOT and in about a week, the dog knew he needed it. Anytime they would grab a bottle of herbs, whether for themselves or him, the dog would come running and beg for a capsule. Most pets’ instincts are still tuned in to nature.” DLW

“I’ve been having problems sleeping off and on for years now due to various health problems (menopause, heart trouble, rheumatism, fibromyalgia), so I just figured I could live with it. I decided to try VALERIAN ROOT which is what we often recommend to others at the store. I took 3 1/2 hour before bed. I’ve been using it for 3 weeks now and it’s been so great sleeping all night! I had forgotten what sleep was supposed to be like. I used to lie in bed for up to an hour or more not able to shut my brain off. When I woke up in the morning I felt like I’d been battling through the night….remembering bits and pieces of dreams, getting up to go to the bathroom, turning over and looking at the clock, rearranging my pillow…..I just thought I was a light sleeper. Now, I don’t remember a thing from the time I go to sleep until I get up (and I don’t have to go to the bathroom any more….guess I went just because I woke up, rather than waking up because I had to go).” D.P.

Seizures in Child
“My little girl began having daily seizures at 15 months old after immunization shots. When she was 4 years old I decided to try herbs. I began giving her VALERIAN and LOBELIA. Her seizures stopped and have not returned. It’s been 8 months!” M.A.

Seizures in Dog
“I just wanted to let you know about something I tried on our dachshund. She began having small seizures at 5 years old. The veterinarian’s only suggestion was to put her on tranquilizers permanently if they became worse or consistent. I decided to try some VALERIAN ROOT in her food twice daily, and it worked! I gave that to her for a week and the seizures stopped. In a couple of months she started having them again so I repeated the regimen. It seems to keep the seizures at bay and I don’t have to keep her drugged continuously. I’m happy with the results.” D. Harrison

Improved Sleeping
“Just wanted to let you know that after one day of taking VALERIAN ROOT capsules there was enough of a change in our sleep patterns to convince us to continue the Valerian Root. We took one at each meal and then noticed that our sleep patterns had changed. We only got up once during the night to go the bathroom instead of the regular 5 trips a piece! The next day we took one at lunch and 2 at night before bed. Again, we slept more rested, my husband did not snore, and I got up only once and my husband not at all. Just wanted to say thank you!” J.C. from Texas

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