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Time Line Explanation
by Randal J. Watkins

Suppose you were to imagine a line that represents your life. On the far left end this represents when you were born. On the opposite end this represents when you are going to die. Now lets pick somewhere in the middle and let that represent when your health problem began. Now somewhere to the right of the middle let that respresent today’s date.

Now let’s consider your particular health problem. Did your health problem come on due to a particular traumatic event? Did you have this problem from birth? If you answer yes to either or both then this explanation will not be appropriate for you. It will be necessary for you to get with someone that can give you more individual attention.

If you answered No to the first or No to both questions then I believe you will be excited to learn this concept I am about to present. This means that over time you made choices (if the individual has not been on earth to make choices then the parents genes would come into consideration) related to physical well being, mental well being and spiritual well being. These choices over time caused your body to be in the shape it is in today and to manifest the very health problems you have today. Since your choices caused the body to be in the shape it is in today, doesn’t that mean that you can begin to make new and better choices for your body to begin to change and improve – if we begin to undo those choices.

For example, over time you chose to eat things you shouldn’t and you stressed yourself out and possibly drank alcohol and maybe even developed the habit of smoking. Any or all of these activities begins to take a toll on your body. For awhile you didn’t show any symptoms but over time little things begin to happen. We start noticing we are more tired, joints ache and we are stiff if we sit for any length of time. Our body is signalling to us something is wrong. However, most of us don’t listen to the body but instead we take medication to suppress the problem. However, the following illustration shows us the fallacy of that approach.

To suppress the symptoms is like the story of the man who had the oil pressure light in his car come on. He was faced with 3 choices. 1. He could stop the car and call AAA 2. He could stop the car and purchase some oil for the car and then add it himself or 3. He could take a hammer and knock the light out. HA! Knocking the light out doesn’t fix the problem, it only postpones a bigger problem. A car without oil will soon lock the engine up and then it won’t work at all. The human body is no different if we don’t get the message that something is wrong thru our symptoms then they will eventually escalate to a bigger problem. Herbs feed the body and help the body to heal itself. WE NEVER SUGGEST YOU STOP TAKING MEDICATION. Just use the herbs along side the medicine and work with your doctor to reduce the medicine if appropriate.

We laugh at the illustration but for most of us that is what we have done. Often the symptoms do escalate until medication can’t help us and we don’t want to try surgery or we did and it didn’t work either.

If you can identify with this scenario even if you have a different health problem than the example the logic still applies. It’s time you begin to address the causes and not the symptoms. This website is designed to help you learn how to help yourself and begin to experience the life and well being that is promised to us in 3 John :2

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