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Know Anybody Taking a COX2 Inhibitor for Pain?

COX2 inhibitor, Vioxx, has been pulled from the market after a study has shown it greatly increases the risk of heart attack and stroke in patients who took it. A COX2 inhibitor is a drug that blocks the enzyme cyclooxygenase 2.

It’s the cyclooxygenase pathway of enzymes that makes inflammatory and pain products out of arachidonic acid. Arachidonic acid comes from animal fats, so if you block animal fats from being broken down, they have to go somewhere.

In this case, the fats are causing heart attack and stroke. Other studies are coming out saying that other COX2 inhibitors are causing the same dangerous side effect. Therefore, if you are taking a COX2 inhibitor for pain, then please stop, and tell others to as well.

Protease Plus Enzymes are another fantastic supplement recommended for pain. If taken on an empty stomach, enzymes go through your body breaking down all inflammatory by-products that cause pain.

Naturopathic doctors know that there is not just one treatment that will bring about a cure; or that disease is localized to an exact area, organ, or part of the body. We are whole beings. Everything we take into our bodies affects every cell, tissue, organ, system in the entire body.

Recently both Pfizer Inc. and Merck & Co., Inc., two pharmaceutical giants, announced that two of their top-selling drugs Celebrex and Vioxx, respectively, would be pulled from the market. Both companies announced that studies had shown an increased relative risk for confirmed cardiovascular events, such as heart attack and stroke. The Vioxx study revealed that patients suffered roughly twice the number of heart attacks and strokes than a control group not taking the drug.

Both Celebrex and Vioxx address COX2 inhibition, or in other words, inflammation. Nature’s Sunshine offers a safe way to address the emerging problem of inflammation and the havoc it wreaks in the body.

Recent studies have revealed that a reduction of inflammation will reduce incidences of health concerns such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes and arthritis.

Nature’s Sunshine Products – Alternatives for Pain:

Relief Formula
• Possess natural COX-2 inhibition properties, including Nexrutine (a natural plant compound) and Willow Bark which has been long used in traditional herbology for pain relief.
• Helps soothe the minor muscle pain and discomfort following exercise or physical activity.
• Inhibits the COX-2 inflammation-causing enzyme without affecting the stomach-protective COX-1 enzyme.

• Contains Devil’s Claw an herb that has a very similar affect as COX-2 inhibitors. Studies compare Devil’s Claw with phenylbutazone; a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent.
• Promotes joint health and helps lubricate joints.
• Contains MSM which provides an adequate supply of sulfur—a compound important to connective tissue health.

Red Yeast Rice
• Contains satins that have proven anti-inflammatory actions for blood vessels.
• Supports the production of HDL (good cholesterol in the liver.

• Rich in xanthones and antioxidants. Studies show that xanthones show COX-2 inhibition. (Especially xanthones found in the pericarp of mangosteen fruit).
• Correlation between antioxidant activity (neutralizing free radicals) and the reduction of inflammation.

Topical Relief Formulas
EverFlex Cream
MSM Glucosamine Cream
Deep Relief Essential Oil

For more information go to the “Little Herb Encyclopedia and Vitamin and Mineral Encyclopedia” by Dr. Jack Ritchason.

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