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What About the Cost of Supplements?
Comments by Dr. James Scala

Driving is a daily gamble, so we purchase auto insurance. Similarly, we realize we can’t always avoid accidents and even illness, so we get hospitalization insurance.

Some people admit it’s difficult, if not impossible, to eat a balanced diet, so they take a multiple vitamin/mineral supplement as nutrition insurance, and usually take calcium supplements, too. These people who take “nutritional insurance” recognize that it costs money, but they also recognize some common habits cost a lot more. For instance:

  • Adults and children, on the average, consume 8 ounces of soft drinks daily. This costs about five times the price of supplements.
  • Most women have their hair done at least monthly. When costed out on a daily basis, this is about five times the cost of supplements.
  • About 50% of adults drink alcoholic beverages, which cost about 10 times the cost of nutritional insurance.
  • On the average, enough cigarettes are smoked to provide nutrition insurance for everyone.

In short, the cost of nutrition insurance would be cheap at twice the price.

Nutrition is personal, preventive health care, and food supplements are a vehicle of its practice.

No other habit can provide nutrition insurance so that you will meet your recommended daily allowance of all vitamins and minerals. In an increasingly complex, polluted world, sensible supplementation gives the foundation for natural, optimum health. Add a good diet and a wholesome lifestyle, and you will achieve optimum health.

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