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Where Do I Begin With Supplements?

Step 1 – The Foundation A natural food-based multi-vitamin and mineral supplement should be the foundation of your nutritional insurance program. For adults, our favorite is Super Supplemental. It has a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals in a base of veggies and herbs with powerful antioxidants, bioflavonoids and carotenes. If you need a liquid vitamin, mineral and herbal supplement then consider VitaWave.

Step 2 – Macro Minerals Women especially need to supplement their diet with calcium, but you don’t have to look far to find that men are also suffering the effects of a lack of structural nutrients in the form of minerals. Back problems, muscle spasms, and leg cramps are common. Insomnia is often a result of not having enough “nerve food” which is also minerals. Calcium needs magnesium and phosphorus and vitamin D to be assimilated and utilized properly in the body. We recommend Calcium Plus men or women.

Step 3 – Micro Minerals or Trace Minerals Trace minerals are what is most missing from the soils. These key nutrients are the critical to a multitude of body functions. The easiest way to assure you are supplying trace minerals to the cellular level is to take them in a colloidal liquid form. Many colloidal minerals taste bad, but Nature’s Sunshine Colloidal Minerals are sweet and good-tasting because they include an herbal base.

Step 4 – Target Formulas Everybody has a variety of specific health problems. After you get the basics covered, you might want to try a natural approach for a health problem. You can research a natural solution to determine which formula to use.

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