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Success Stories for Pets — H-L

“I noticed a hard bump on the side of my dog, Tasha, and was concerned. I decided to try a natural approach and began using TEA TREE OIL four (4) times a day. I also added BLACK OINTMENT beginning the next evening. I applied that four (4) times a day also. I noticed it was shrinking in a couple of days. ONE WEEK LATER, Tasha’s bump is completely gone…zappo…it is gone! No trace of it. Great news!” Margot
Read about cautions for cats.

“I put SPIRULINA in my kitties’ food bowl. They get about 1/4 capsule every day. Spirulina is supposed to be the perfect food. You should see how beautiful the cats coats are. They really shine. The cats (almost 2 years old now) run around the house a lot after they eat it. They seem to be very healthy. Thanks for selling these great products.” Maryann S.

“My dog, Bandit, was diagnosed with heartworms last year after I took him for an appointment because he was coughing and seemed to be getting weak. The vet gave him 6 months to live. I didn’t want to use the chemical and drug method, so I went home and contacted I decided to use an herbal program and now here we are a year later with a healthier dog and the heartworm test showing totally clear! They’re gone! We are so happy.” Robin      Read Bandit’s story and information on the herbal heartworm program.


“My 16 year old dog, a Snozer, needed some heart support shortly after getting a good bill of health from the vet. I put her on Omega 3 Fish Oil. She has completely stopped coughing. I hope you will tell other people. I was so very glad to find out that the Omega 3 Fish Oil is good for the heart. She would not have lived this long. I just wish I had known about it before our 13 year old dog died of heart failure. I hope my story will help some other pet owner keep their pet alive longer.” Peggy McNabb

I have three laying hens and one of them was obviously sick—roosting during the day, sitting “puffed up” and not eating well. I went to my local farm supply store for some sort of medicine. When I got there, I read that a common treatment was an antibiotic. If I had given this to my hen, I would not have been able to eat the eggs for a period of time. I asked if they had anything “natural.” She showed me a bottle. I read the ingredients, one of which was oil of oregano. I thought to myself, “I have Nature’s Sunshine Wild Oregano Oil at home! I keep a solution of wild oregano and olive oil on hand at all times for a variety of human ailments. I dropped about 5 drops of this into my chickens’ water. Within 24 hours, she was up and walking around again. Within 48-72 hours, she was as good as new – pushing her way to the feed with all the others. Praise God! He has provided us with the answers for not only us humans but our critter friends as well in His creation of herbs.

It seems my border collie was sickly for a couple days as well–just laying around–not barking at us when we pulled up in the driveway, etc. Guess what I gave her? Nature’s Sunshine Wild Oregano Oil! Again, within 24 hours, she was up chasing the cat as usual! I am simply amazed at how powerful and effective this product is!

“I took about a 1/4 cup of distilled water and made a tea with a capsule of YUCCA and three drops of TEA TREE OIL. After steeping it about 15 minutes, I put it in a spray bottle and refrigerated it. I am using it on my pet’s hot spot and it has virtually gone away in just a couple of days. It stopped the itch and the redness went away almost immediately. I also got a mosquito bite and spritzed some on. It flattened and stopped the itching right way. I am calling it my “herbal bactine” because it goes on nice and cool and warms the skin. The Tea Tree adds a nice scent as well.” Robin S.
Read about cautions for cats.

“I’ve used a home-made Hot Spot remedy that works great. Here’s the recipe: 3 capsules SAGE, 1/4 tsp. Epsom Salts, and 2 cups of water. Bring this all to a boil. Cool to room temperature and then strain out the powdered Sage and store in a 2-cup spray bottle or jar in the refrigerator to keep fresh. Spray or wipe on hotspots, insect bites or any other skin abrasions as many times a day as possible. It heals in about 3 days, and you should begin to see some hair regrowth in a little over a week.” Tammy

“We had a couple who used herbs and had a hyper Rottweiler that would race to the door to “greet” anybody that visited. With an in-home business, this family needed some calming herbs. They began giving him VALERIAN ROOT and in about a week, the dog knew he needed it. Anytime they would grab a bottle of herbs, whether for themselves or him, the dog would come running and beg for a capsule. Most pets’ instincts are still tuned in to nature.” Donna Watkins

“We noticed our dog was suffering from incontinence. Our vet said her lack of bladder control may be Cystitis. We decided to take matters in our own hands and started using COLLOIDAL SILVER in her food each day. Within a week we noticed her “leaking” had stopped and it’s been under control since.” M.S.

“My dog had a scratching problem that bothered me almost as much as it did her. It seemed to be a nervous condition since she would do it while we were not at home….or when she wasn’t getting what she wanted when we were at home. She would dig and scratch and chew specific areas on her body. I read that CHAMOMILE was an herb that helped with nervous skin itching. I decided to buy a good source of Chamomile and chose Nature’s Sunshine. I used one capsule in each of her two meals. I noticed in a day or two that she was much calmer in general and in a week, the itching had stopped. After a few weeks I began a maintenance dosage of one capsule a day. I like what it does for her and me!” Tammy C.

“My dog was leaving puddles around the house. I used 7JP-X a day and in two days it stopped completely. I later added HYDRANGEA to dissolve any stones that might be there.” B. Riner

“My 4-year-old black male neutered lovable cat has had a lump/tumor/or something on his tail for the past year. He usually was not bothered by it, but I noticed it had grown and that he would occasionally lick it. He also didn’t like for me to touch him on his back close to his tail and definitely not touch the lump. I decided to put GOLDEN SALVE on it topically and use ALL CELL DETOX once per day each evening. After 3 weeks of treatment, he jumped in my lap one night with a wet spot on his tail. Upon inspection I noticed that it had burst and was oozing a brownish liquid. I wiped it off and noticed the lump had flattened and there was a hole where it had burst. Later I checked it again and noticed a white liquid coming from it. The next day it was still flat and in the process of healing. He also allows me to look at it now and doesn’t seem bothered by me touching his back. I am so glad that I chose to use herbs instead of taking him to the vet and risk him loosing his tail and going through all kinds of testing and drugs. I applaud Donna for helping me decide the best course of action for my Kitty Buster who appears to be tumor free!!!” Robin S.

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