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Zinc has been proven to help with cold and sore throat symptoms. In addition, zinc helps balance hormone levels and may prevent acne and regulate the activity of oil glands. It is required for protein synthesis and collagen formation, and promotes a healthy immune system and the healing of wounds.

Zinc is an essential mineral and a known antioxidant. Letting a zinc lozenge dissolve under your tongue provides the body with quick sublingual absorption.

Zinc and the Immune System
Zinc plays an important role for your immune system. A deficiency results in increased susceptibility to infection. Zinc has also displayed anti-viral activity. In one double-blind clinical study, zinc supplementation significantly reduced the average duration of colds by seven days.

Zinc is also important for healing wounds, sense of taste, acne, aging, rheumatoid arthritis and the prostate.

Sublingual administration of zinc is a fast and easy way to fight colds and viruses in their tracks at the first sign of symptoms. They’re easy to carry in your purse or pocket also.

Ingredients (per tablet)
Calcium (di-calcium phosphate) 45 mg
Phosphorus (di-calcium phosphate) 35 mg
Zinc (zinc gluconate) 25 mg

Proprietary herbal blend 130 mg of:
Plant (Ascophyllum nodosum)
Thyme Herb (Thymus vulgaris)
Alfalfa Herb (Medicago sativa)

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