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• Supports the cardiovascular system.
• Protects cell membranes.
• Contains lemon oil for improved taste and aftertaste.

Omega-3’s occur naturally in fish, flaxseed, Canola oil, nuts and avocados and are well known for protecting the heart against the inflammation that can lead to blocked arteries and for aiding an irregular heartbeat.

The newer research shows these polyunsaturated fats may also be helpful in preventing complications of diabetes and in soothing inflamed joints.

Psychiatrists are now also taking a closer look at Omega-3s. Dubbed the “happy” fats, they are under investigation for treating depression, bipolar disease, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, alcoholism, Alzheimer’s disease and even the so-called baby blues, or postpartum depression.

Did you know that Eskimos have very low incidence of heart disease? Clinical studies suggest that diets rich in fish correlate to triglyceride and cholesterol levels that are already within the normal range.

Fish are the primary source of omega-3 oils, fatty acids that support the circulatory system. Omega-3 oils are not produced by the human body and can only be obtained through a diet rich in fish or supplementation. NSP Omega-3 oils contain both eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), healthful fatty acids that will boost your circulatory system.

What About Purity?
Sources for Nature’s Sunshine’s oils are the flesh of cold water fish such as salmon and mackerel. The product does not contain fish liver oils (such as cod liver oil) or Vitamin A. Oils from fish livers usually contain toxins and other contaminants that the fish liver has filtered out.

What About the Term “Pharmaceutical Grade?”
Generally pharmaceutical grade refers to manufacturing procedures. Sarah Eliason, a scientist from the Nature’s Sunshine Health Sciences Department explains:

“Nature’s Sunshine follows pharmaceutical grade GMPs (Good Manufacturing Procedures) for all supplements. On the internet, however, many websites refer to pharmaceutical grade as a standard for purity of the fish oils. This basically includes testing of the product to make sure it has very low levels of contaminants.

It also frequently mentions molecular distillation for removal of contaminants. Our omega-3 fish oils are tested for heavy metals, including methyl mercury and also PCBs. The fish oils also undergo processing called molecular distillation which removes heavy metals, PCBs, and contaminants.”

Molecularly Distilled
The term “molecularly distilled” has been used by some brands for marketing purposes, so if you don’t know what that means, it’s a process that removes any contaminants such as heavy metals that are known to be found in fish oil. During this quality control process Nature’s Sunshine can adjust the ratio of EPA:DHA. This process renders a higher quality fish oil and allows Nature’s Sunshine to quantify the omega-3 fatty acids (DHA, EPA) and be assured that the product is free of heavy metal and other contaminants. It’s one of the many quality control practices from Nature’s Sunshine Products.

How It Works
The sea is the most abundant source of omega-3 oils. Specifically, fish provide EPA and DHA. EPA has been linked to triglyceride and HDL levels that are within the normal range. DHA is most concentrated in the brain and retina. Research suggests EPA and DHA help in brain and nervous system development.

Nature’s Sunshine Products Advantage
NSP Omega-3 EPA contains the flesh of cold-water fish such as anchovy, sardine and mackerel which is the source of the fish oils.

Omega-3 Hi EPA softgels contain approximately 1000 mg (1 gram) fish oil, with a ratio of 33:16 EPA to DHA (380 mg EPA, 190 mg DHA) per softgel. It also contains lemon to significantly reduce the aftertaste from fish oil and to reduce gas.

Recommended Use
Take 1 softgel with a meal three times daily.

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Used For Pets Too!
“My 16 year old dog, a Schnauzer, needed some heart support shortly after getting a good bill of health from the vet. I put her on Omega 3 Fish Oil. She has completely stopped coughing. I hope you will tell other people. I was so very glad to find out that the Omega 3 Fish Oil is good for the heart. She would not have lived this long. I just wish I had known about it before our 13 year old dog died of heart failure. I hope my story will help some other pet owner keep their pet alive longer.” Peggy McNabb

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