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• Helps open sinus passages for easier breathing

• Helps relieve sinus congestion

• Inhibits histamine production

• Breaks down mucous

• All-natural, no side-effects

An estimated 90 million Americans over the age of 18 snore. And if you live with someone who snores, it can be hard to get some sleep. Nature’s Sunshine has developed an exclusive herbal combination that helps open nasal passages and drain sinuses, reducing the tendency to snore and making it easier to breathe. Anyone who snores, or who suffers from the snoring of others, will want to investigate SnorEase.

A field testing of SnorEase showed an impressive 84% of participants felt that their snoring decreased. More than half reported that their snoring decreased significantly when using SnorEase.


How Does It Work?
SnorEase helps reduce the tendency to snore. Its unique formulation features three key ingredients: immature bitter orange, bromelain from pineapple fruit and Co-Q10. These components work together to promote air flow through the nasal passages. Immature bitter orange contains natural synephrine. Bromelain, an enzyme derived from pineapple, may help to break down mucus, which can help to facilitate respiration. Co-Q10, an antioxidant, helps support the circulatory system.

Fructus aurantia immaturi
(immature bitter orange) – contains natural synephrine, which helps relieve congestion and reduce phlegm in the nasal passages. It also inhibits histamine production.

– a food enzyme that helps break down mucus. If too much mucus is in the pharyngeal-nasal area, it can sometimes promote snoring.

Coenzyme Q10 – works with the circulatory system to promote normal nighttime breathing. It appears to help with both sleep apnea and snoring.

These three components work together to help open the sinus passages and allow maximum air flow.

Amount Per 3 Capsules – 1323 mg

Fructus aurantia immaturi fruit (Citrus aurantium)

Bromelain (from pineapple fruit-Ananas comosus)


Recommended Use
Take 1–3 capsules daily 30 minutes before bedtime.

Customer Comment
“My husband has trouble sleeping because he says I “snore for the U.S.” at night. A friend recommended Snor-Ease so I thought I’d give it a try, but did not expect it to work since I have a deviated septum and elongated turbinates. To my surprise, it worked the first night. That made my husband happy, but what makes me really excited is that I don’t wake up sneezing my head off every morning. I love the “side-effect!” Guess my side of the country will get some sleep now.” The Snoring Wife

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