Skeletal Strength


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• Supports the structural system.
• Helps rebuild and preserve bone and muscle tissue.
• Supports stressed nerves.
• Provides balanced nutrients for best utilization.

Did you know that your bones are nearly 50% water content? Yet, healthy bone structure can support hundreds of times its own weight. As the main support for all body tissues, bones require many nutrients.

Bones are like other tissues since they are not static. Hormones from the parathyroid gland have the power to release calcium from the bones if the body feels a need for a higher blood level of this important, tranquilizing mineral. Other hormones cause the calcium to be replaced.

Bones are also mineral storage sites, giving the body an emergency supply for growth, wounds or illness.

To help conserve strong, sound bones, Nature’s Sunshine developed Skeletal Strength formula. Its unique blend of vital nutrients counteracts many of the forces that rob the structural system of strength, flexibility under stress, and the ability to replenish the blood supply.

Skeletal Strength formula is a key product in the Nature’s Sunshine line, and contains the following vitamins, minerals and other ingredients:

is the major mineral for healthy bones. In addition to adding strength to the structure, it soothes the nervous system that would otherwise be susceptible to tension and irritability. However, calcium does not work alone. Other nutrients are needed for it to function efficiently.

enhances the bioavailability of calcium. It is an essential component of bone and is calcium’s helpmate. Vitamin C and phosphorus are also dependent on magnesium for proper metabolism. Under normal circumstances, two parts of calcium coexist in the body with one part each of magnesium and phosphorus. This delicate balance is destroyed, however, by a diet containing too much phosphorus (typical of today’s society), which pulls calcium out of the bones and allows it to be eliminated through body fluids. Skeletal Strength formula contains extra amounts of magnesium so that calcium is encouraged to remain in the bones.

, when kept in balance, works in partnership with calcium. To make up for the excessive amounts of phosphorus in today’s diets, NSP made adjustments to the calcium/phosphorus ratio in Skeletal Strength
, ensuring more efficient calcium absorption.

Vitamin A
also promotes the efficient use of calcium. It’s needed for the growth and maintenance of healthy bones, especially in post-menopausal women.

Vitamin D
is required for proper bone mineralization. It also works to increase intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphate.

Vitamin C
helps form cementing substances-such as collagen-that hold body cells together.

Vitamin B6
is involved in protein metabolism needed for strong bones, and assists in the production and function of new red blood cells. It also has a role in shortening bone fracture healing time.

Vitamin B12
is the only vitamin containing a metal — cobalt-helps foster the transport of oxygen to muscles and contributes to the making of hemoglobin in the bones.

Trace minerals iron
and manganese
are essential for calcium absorption. However, your diet should include more than a trace of potassium, which aids proper muscle function, strength and control.

An herbal base consisting of horsetail
herb, parsley
herb, valerian
root and licorice
root works together with minerals and vitamins to help form strong bone matrices and cartilage. Unfortunately, one of the facts of aging is the gradual weakening of the digestive system; people’s stomachs simply produce less and less of vitally important digestive acid and enzymes. Digestive aids have been added to the formula to encourage the intestinal absorption of calcium and all other ingredients vital to bones, muscles, hair, skin and nails ‘ These aids include papaya
fruit, pineapple
fruit and betaine HCI
(hydrochloric acid).


Contains 100% Daily Value of the following ingredients: vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin B12. Also contains vitamin A, vitamin D, calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese, potassium, boron, horsetail stems, betaine HCl, papaya fruit, parsley leaves, pineapple fruit, valerian root and licorice root concentrate.

Recommended Usage
Take two tablets with a meal twice daily.

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