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• Helps break down food.
• Improves digestion.
• Provides plant-sourced enzymes.

Life could not exist without enzymes. Our breathing, sleeping, eating, working and even thinking are enzyme-dependent. Enzymes are a delicate life-like substance found in all living cells, animal or vegetable. Enzymes are energized protein molecules necessary for life. They catalyze and regulate nearly all biochemical reactions that occur within the human body; enzymes unlock energy in the body and turn food into energy.

Vitamins and minerals require enzymes for delivery in our systems. We’re born with a limited number of enzymes our bodies can produce in a lifetime; we’ll call this our “bank account.” The enzyme bank account gets depleted by heavy withdrawals and skimpy deposits. Eating cooked or processed foods, plus enzyme robbers such as stress and allergies, make withdrawals.

Deposits are made by enzyme supplementation. Eating raw fruits and vegetables do not make deposits. There are only enough enzymes available in food to digest that particular food. Metabolic enzymes are from protein foods ingested and broken down to amino acids, if we are able to properly digest the protein. Protein foods we eat are usually cooked or processed which destroys the enzymes.

What does a low enzyme bank account feel like? Symptoms are bloating, fatigue, gas, constipation, obesity, food allergies, gastritis, nausea, diarrhea and a list of digestive disorders. Partially digested protein putrefies, fats turn rancid and carbohydrates ferment. The human body doesn’t make cellulase, which breaks down fiber, and yet we are to eat foods high in fiber.

Most individuals have little idea what is necessary to attain and maintain good health. We live in environments conducive to long and healthy life. Our so called “care system” is little more than sickness management. Our doctors, who have been trained by a medical establishment supported and directed by the drug companies, can do little for us in our quest for good health. Their usual response to our complaints is to give drugs to stop symptoms or offer to cut out the offending problem. Almost nothing is known about nutrition or prevention of disease.

Our modern methods of food production have been able to prevent famine, but at the cost of the soil being depleted of minerals and other valuable nutrients. Canning, radiation, cooking, microwaving, baking, processing, etc., attempt to preserve the freshness of our foods by attacking one thing: ENZYMES. Enzymes cause food to break down for assimilation and are absolutely necessary for our bodies to function well and live long.

Since enzymes play such a crucial role in our health, supplementing with enzymes is essential. Not all enzymes sold have the same activity, come from the same source, or are for digestion. Enzyme products made from animals are only as good as the animal it comes from, and the activity is variable. Animal enzymes break down differently during digestion than plant enzymes.

Plant enzymes made from combined pure plant protein food in a laboratory setting and grown for specific needs are more capable of digestion replacement. To be clear, I am speaking of amylase, lipase, cellulase and protease plant enzymes grown in a laboratory from natural food sources grown specifically for digestive use. Amylase breaks down starch/carbohydrates, lipase breaks down fats, cellulase breaks down fiber and protease breaks down protein. Supplementing with plant enzymes is an investment in life and extends the food you eat since it doesn’t just fill your stomach, but is broken down to fill your biochemical needs.

How It Works
Breaking food down into usable form requires digestive enzymes. Digestive enzymes bind with food particles to enhance the reactions necessary to turn solid foods into liquid solutions of nutrients to be absorbed in the intestinal tract and used by our cells.

Enzymes have the capacity to process food at an amazing rate, making digestion infinitely more efficient. Refined foods and overcooked foods contain minimal, if any, enzymes.

Proactazyme is a unique, general-purpose, food-enzyme supplement to assist in the everyday digestion of most food types, including sugars, vegetable fibers, long-chain starches and proteins. It contains plant-sourced enzymes in a digestion-enhancing herbal base.

Protease, amylase, glucoamylase, lipase, cellulase, hemicellulase, invertase, malt diastase, alpha galactosidase, peptidase, potassium, beet root fiber, caraway seed, dandelion root, fennel seed, gentian root and ginger rhizome.

Recommended Use
Take 1–2 capsules with or between meals daily.

Success Stories

“My daughter had recurrent Urinary Tract Infections. She’d been on mega doses of antibiotics for 7 years, had several surgeries, and still had constant infections. We began giving her UVA URSI, PROACTAZYME and CALCIUM PLUS and for 5 months she had no infections. She stopped taking the products and in 2 months had a major infection. The doctor at Children’s Hospital in Birmingham wanted her back on the herbs.” S.H.

“I came in to your store to find something for my indigestion problem and decided to use PROACTAZYME. I just want to tell you that it’s wonderful! It is nice to have a pleasant reaction to eating again. Thanks for your help!” Betty R.

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