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This combination helps with water retention, is very beneficial in an acid condition of the stomach, aids in getting rid of insomnia when used along with an herbal calcium combination, and helps prevent germs from accumulating in the tissues. It strengthens the heart to help prevent heart attacks. It promotes healing in injuries. It builds resistance to infections.

Adequate potassium levels are essential for the body’s active transport pump, which moves nutrients into cells. This herbal formula nutritionally supports the body’s enzyme system and is a source of trace minerals compatible with potassium utilization.

This combination is an excellent way to get a good blend of all the minerals needed for a healthy body. The combination includes 42 mg. of elemental potassium per capsule in a base of:

• Each bottle now provides a 30-day supply.
• Helps generate energy.
• Helps maintain balance of body fluids.
• Drives excess sodium out of the body.
• Supports kidney function.
• Provides essential nutrients for muscles like the heart.
• Promotes proper nerve transmission.
• Activates cellular cleansing.

Dipotassium phosphate provides 42 mg. of elemental potassium in this base of:

Kelp plant – Excellent for glandular health. Beneficial on many disorders of the body, especially the thyroid gland to help regulate metabolism. It has nearly thirty (30) minerals. Kelp cleans toxic substances from the colon which helps relieve nervous disorders, headaches, and kidney problems.

Alfalfa herb – Rich source of trace minerals because its roots go so deep into the earth. A popular herb used for arthritis and allergies, or as a general nutrient-rich supplement for the body.

Dulse plant – A powerhouse of nutrients. Like kelp it also cleans toxins from the system and will give vitality to the body.

White Cabbage leaf – Acts as an antispasmodic to help in nervous disorders. It also has vitamins and minerals essential to good health.

Horseradish root – A good stimulant for digestion, metabolism, and kidney functions. It reduces fluid in the system. It helps in circulation and has been used internally to clear nasal passages. It is excellent for cleaning the system of infections.

Horsetail herb – An excellent cleanser for the kidneys and blood. It also helps in water retention. Potassium is Essential

If you have 4 or more of these symptoms, consider your need for potassium:

  • High/low blood sugar
  • Muscular weakness
  • Nervous disorders
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Use diuretics
  • Alkaline/acid imbalance
  • Constipation
  • Insomnia
  • Partial paralysis
  • Heart problems
  • Heavy exercise
  • Work outdoors

Potassium is necessary to convert glucose into glycogen. Glycogen synthesis occurs in the liver. When there is a Potassium deficiency, glucose metabolism is impaired and there is a lack of energy and muscular weakness.

Potassium is also readily lost in the urine and sweat. A high intake of liquids increases your requirements. Regular supplementation should be considered if you are engaged in an exercise program, work at an outdoor job, take diuretics or any other way affect the level of your body’s liquid balance.

Good food sources of potassium other than those listed above are: peaches, raisins, dates, apricots, figs, prune juice, watermelon, banana, cantaloupe, and orange juice. These are listed in the order of most to least.

Recommended Use
Adults: Take 2 capsules with a meal three times daily.

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