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Passion Flower leaves have been used traditionally as a mild calmative. In fact, Algonquin Indians used passion flower tea to help soothe their nerves.

The flavonoids in passion flower are the primary constituents responsible for its relaxing and anti-anxiety effects. It can be used safely even for small children. In Italy the plant drug is used to treat hyperactive children. In Europe passion flower is recommended as an anti-anxiety treatment and in this context, it is often combined with valerian and hops.

Nature’s Sunshine formulates a product called Herbal Sleep with passion flower, valerian and hops.

Passion flower supports the nervous system in a variety of ways. It has been historically used for a variety of ailments, from insomnia, dysmenorrhea, nervous tension, and fatigue, to muscle spasms.

Each capsule contains 360 mg passion flower (Passiflora incarnata).

Recommended Usage
Take 1 capsule with a meal twice daily.

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