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The Garbage Gets Taken Out

The House Gets Cleaned

You Shower Every Day

What About Cleaning Your Internal Body?

Microscopic organisms in the body are more common than you might think. In spite of our efforts and even government regulations, these organisms can take up residence in us and some can affect our ability to thrive.

During certain stages of growth, certain microorganisms react to natural chemicals found in herbs, spices and other nutrients.  Para-Cleanse with Paw Paw is a 10-day program designed to support the efforts of the intestinal system in cleansing. This carefully formulated herbal combination supports an intestinal environment that is not hospitable to foreign invaders.

• Provides safe, natural, gentle, effective ingredients.
• Supports the intestinal and immune systems.
• Creates an unfriendly environment for parasites, yeast and fungus.
• Is conveniently packaged in individual servings.

Nature’s Sunshine’s Advantage
Para-Cleanse is the only cleansing product on the market that contains an extract of Paw Paw for more complete results.

How It Works
The herbs in Para-Cleanse work synergistically to create an environment that supports the health and viability of “healthy” microorganisms, also known as intestinal flora.

These include new Paw Paw Cell-Reg, which helps the body’s natural cleansing process. Herbal Pumpkin formula and Artemisia Combination help make the intestines inhospitable to foreign invaders, and help cleanse debris and lubricate the colon to optimize intestinal function. ATC Black Walnut helps maintain the naturally healthy balance of yeast and friendly flora.

This self-contained intestinal parasite program should be used for several 10-day periods with a 7-10 day break between each use.

Each packet contains 6 capsules total, consisting of the following:

One (1) capsule of Paw Paw Cell-Reg

Two (2) capsules of Herbal Pumpkin Combination

One (1) capsule of Black Walnut ATC Concentrate

Two (2) capsules of Artemisia Combination

Recommended Use
Take the contents of one packet twice a day, 15 minutes before your morning and evening meals with at least 8 oz. pure water. Continue the program for 10 days, eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables (especially leafy greens) and whole grains. As much as you can, avoid red meats, coffee, alcohol, sugary and fried foods.

After waiting 10 days, you can repeat the program to kill new parasites that have hatched from eggs present during the initial cleanse.

Do not use during pregnancy.  Pregnancy is not a time for cleansing.  Many do find that Liquid Chlorophyll provides many benefits during pregnancy.

It is suggested that you ensure you are having at least 1-2 bowel movements/day before starting this cleanse. If this is an issue you might consider a regular cleanse initially before starting the parasite cleanse. Suggested cleanses can be found on the cleansing catalog. You do not want to be killing parasites unless your bowels are moving freely.

Customer’s Comments
• “I finished the Clean Start program and I feel much better. I think it would benefit anyone to go on it. I have my hubby on the Para-Cleanse
. He is a truck driver and has always had intestinal system weakness due to the nature of his work and the fact he drinks too much coffee and not enough water. In just 3 or 4 days he can tell a difference and feels good and is eliminating more regularly. I would recommend this program to people who don’t have ready access at all times to a bathroom.” Marcia

• “I have been a frequent cold sufferer since my late teens. My immune system does not seem to be as strong as others. I am a flight attendant and come in contact with many people during my workday. Working in a confined area with recirculated air picking up people’s garbage certainly didn’t help the situation. For six years of this career, I barely got over one cold before coming down with another. I had a new cold about every six weeks.

My step-mom introduced me to Para-Cleanse. I went on a strict 10-day program with the herbs and a diet that would help the herbs do their job better. The diet consisted of non-starchy vegetables, no sugar, milk, red meat or wheat products. I ate chicken and fish, vegetables and rice for 1 days. I used rice milk since the intent of the diet was to refrain from anything that would cause mucus or coat the intestines, making nutrients difficult to absorb.

Two things happened when I completed the 10-day program. First, I did not catch another cold for 11 months! Second, a side effect of the program, I lost 15 pounds which i needed to lose although I never expected that to happen.

Since that first cleanse, I have continued to do this cleanse at least once a year, sometimes twice. I would highly recommend this to anyone trying to accomplish the same thing I needed to.” L.G.

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