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Nerve Eight brings you the well-known white willow bark and seven other herbal nervines used by top herbalists to nutritionally support the nervous system.

White willow bark was chewed by early Americans for its soothing effects.

Black cohosh is a tall perennial native to the woodsy regions of the Eastern U.S. and Canada, often used in women’s herbal combinations – concentrated powdered extract.

Capsicum influences blood flow and is included as a catalyst in many herbal formulas.

Valerian is a longtime favorite of herbalists for natural support of the nervous system.

Ginger is included in as many as half of all Chinese herbal combinations, attesting to its great value. It has been cultivated for thousands of years in China and India.

Hops was used to stuff pillows for England’s King George III in the belief that it promoted restful sleep.

Wood betony is popular in herbal combinations targeted to the nervous system.

Devil’s claw grows abundantly in certain parts of Africa. Its name comes from its appearance and thorny ability to grip anything unlucky enough to run into its path.

When life’s stresses have you ready to blow a fuse, lie down, relax and count to Eight.


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