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The digestive system feeds the entire body. The foods we eat contain the vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, amino acids and other nutrients our body needs to function … or they should. Unfortunately, many of today’s foods also contain flavorings, colorings, preservatives and other substances that our body doesn’t need. These substances are combined with toxins, metabolic by-products and other unwanted matter to form waste.

At times, waste can build up along intestinal walls. This may slow or, hinder the absorption of nutrients and may even damage colon and rectal tissues. To maintain optimal health, it’s important to eliminate waste from the colon regularly.

• Provides nutritional support to the bowel and liver.

• Promotes regularity in maintaining healthy bowel movements.

• Offers a convenient, drinkable liquid formula for those who prefer a liquid to capsules or tablets

How It Works
Liquid Cleanse provides a host of beneficial ingredients that help support healthy, natural bowel function. Aloe vera acts as an emollient and is soothing to the digestive tract and mucous membranes. Red raspberry and citrus extract lend their pleasant taste to the formula, and they provide important antioxidants. Senna helps to maintain soft stools and promotes bowel movements.

Cinnamon and fennel, aromatic herbs, are often used to support the action of cleansing herbs. Ginger and capsicum, two digestive aids, stimulate the flow of saliva, bile and gastric juices. Barberry, cornsilk and dandelion may help remove toxins by supporting the function of the liver, gallbladder and kidneys.

NSP (Nature’s Sunshine Products) Advantage
NSP designed Liquid Cleanse specifically for people who may have trouble swallowing pills, tablets or thick fiber drinks. Tasty Liquid Cleanse goes down smoothly and easily.

Scientific Support
Senna has been shown to be an efficient laxative for occasional irregularity that also helps maintain soft stools by slowing reabsorption of fluids into the body. (1)

Liquid Cleanse contains a carefully formulated blend of aloe vera, red raspberry, senna, cinnamon, fennel, barberry, cornsilk, ginger, dandelion, capsicum, citrus extract and trace minerals.

Recommended Use
Drink I ounce daily as part of a cleansing program.

1. Encyclopedia of Common Natural Ingredients: Used in Foods, Drugs, and Cosmetics. 2nd E. Leung AY and Foster S. John Wiley and Sons, Inc. New York. 1996.

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