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During long voyages, seafaring men often found themselves seized by a debilitating illness they called “scurvy.” It was a most unpleasant and sometimes fatal condition. Symptoms ranged from spongy gums and loosened teeth to bleeding in the soft tissues.

Random experimentation by these world travelers uncovered a simple remedy. The ingestion of citrus fruits, mainly limes and lemons, proved to be a miracle cure.

Just like the sailors of old, you too can tap into the miraculous revitalizing power of citrus with Nature’s Sunshine Lemon Essential Oil.

Nebulize Life’s Lemons
For many of us, the color and fragrance of a lemon bring to mind freshness and vitality. While the uses of lemon and lemon juice are countless and varied, perhaps the strongest effect Lemon Essential Oil has to offer is that of lifting our spirits, particularly when we face mental fatigue.

Lemon oil helps the body face physical and psychological weariness, most strongly influencing the mind by supporting concentration
and the ability to memorize. In Japan, a test showed a 54% decrease in typing mistakes when lemon oil was diffused into an office area. If your concentration needs a lift, don’t think twice – order a bottle of Nature’s Sunshine Lemon Essential Oil.

The Essential Facts
Lemon Essential Oil is a powerful antiseptic. Not only has it been used to clean contaminated surfaces, such as a butcher’s cutting block, but it has a powerful antibacterial and antiviral effect attributable to its limonene content.

Lemon Essential Oil also contains antifungal compounds. Some people have even used lemon to improve questionable drinking water. Because of its vitamin content, Lemon Essential Oil offers strong support to the immune system.

Rather than exhibit an extreme acidic quality, Lemon Essential Oil works as an excellent stabilizer of the body’s acidity – alkalinity
content. And its astringent qualities make lemon oil useful in the home for many conditions, including insect bites, fever
and skin conditions

The Nature’s Sunshine Acid Test
Nature’s Sunshine Lemon Essential Oil is certified organic and is cold-pressed from lemon rind.

Extracting this precious substance from the lemon peel is costly and time consuming. The peels of about 1,500 lemons are required to produce one pound of lemon oil. In our competitive market, some companies may be tempted to add synthetic ingredients to their lemon oil, such as those created to approximate a lemon scent in commercial detergents and soaps.

Anyone who has used Nature’s Sunshine products knows we offer only the best. Lemon Essential Oil is no exception. Every bottle is made from the finest, purest ingredients.

Make your own hand soap liquid and kitchen/bath cleaning products with Sunshine Concentrateand Lemon Essential Oil.

100% pure organic Citrus limonum oil.

Customer Comments

Carpet Cleaning
“We used 10 drops of Lemon Essential Oilfor each gallon as we cleaned our carpets today. It was amazing how it brightened up the rug and helped pull stains out….and what a fresh smell! We got daring and decided to use Lavender Oil for the bedroom and it was great! I also noticed that by having the Lemon EO in the solution, there was not a problem with foaming in the dirty water.” Happy Housekeeper in Georgia

No Pets Odors in My Kitchen and No Bleach
“I just mopped the kitchen floor in a gallon of water, a squirt of Sunshine Concentrate and 7 drops of Lemon Essential Oil. I really like using bleach because it disinfects, since I have a dog and cats, but I know it is so bad for me and them, so I’m trying the Lemon Oil which smells so wonderful that it makes my mouth water! A really nice benefit is that the floor is not sticky or slippery which is the typical problem with chemical floor cleaners and the bleach leaves a residue that I have to rinse off. No rinsing with Sunshine Concentrate and Lemon Oil. It sure is nice to smell lemon and feel refreshed after mopping the floor instead of dazed out from chemical vapors.” Robin

– Massage the following in a counterclockwise direction over lower abdomen three times per day:
15 drops rosemary oil
10 drops lemon oil
5 drops peppermint oil

Dilute the oils in 2 T. Massage Oil or vegetable oil

Smell Gone from Shower!
“We have an old shower and there was a smell that I just couldn’t get rid of no matter what I tried. I even used Tea Tree Oil and Pine Oil without much success. I then tried using Lemon Oil along with the Baking Soda I had tried and it was a perfect match! I now put 3-4 T. of baking soda on the ledge along with 10 drops of Lemon Oil and dip in there as I wash the shower. Keeps the odor away till I clean again about a week or so later. Finally a solution and naturally, of course!” Susan C.

Due to immune stimulating properties, Lemon Essential Oil should not be used topically on people who have an autoimmune disease.

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