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Until this century, the human diet consisted mostly of unrefined, unprocessed foods.

However, inventors have discovered a way to remove the outer part of grains so their shelf life could be extended. Unfortunately, this removed much of the plant’s fiber, the vital part which moves through the colon and promotes healthy elimination.

Food now has a long shelf life – but is it nutritious?

Man still hasn’t succeeded in improving on nature. But Nature’s Sunshine has combined some of nature’s most nourishing botanicals into one, easy-to-use capsule that will help keep healthy eliminations a regular part of every day.

LBS II is a top-selling Nature’s Sunshine combination for the intestinal system. The key player in LBS II is cascara sagrada bark; the other herbs provide balance and support.

LBS II is designed to support the production of digestive enzymes and bile, thereby promoting the growth of friendly colonic bacteria. It also provides nourishing natural substances to feed the colon and support it in its eliminative functions.

Nature provides the ingredients. Nature’s Sunshine provides the convenience.


Cascara sagrada bark: From the bark of the cascara tree, in the northwest U.S. Valued by the American Indians. Used in the commercial manufacture of laxatives. Must be aged several months to a year before being used internally.

Buckthorn bark: A thorny tree related to cascara sagrada.

Licorice root: Gently supports peristalsis; nourishing to glands.

Capsicum fruit: Supports circulation and elimination; a synergist for other herbs.

Ginger root: Gentle and soothing. Eliminates gas.

Barberry bark: Cleansing and nourishing.

Turkey rhubarb root: Supports intestinal function.

Couch grass herb: Provides gentle support to the intestines.

Red clover tops: Nourishing to the bowel because it contains many vitamins and minerals.

Recommended Usage:
Adults: Take 2–4 capsules/tablets daily with a meal.


Success Stories
CONSTIPATION “I have had problems with my bowels for a long time. I have to keep up the whole grains to keep moving along. Recently, I had a bit of a challenge getting my bowels moving at all. I felt like I was swelling up and about to burst. I got some LBS II, a lower bowel cleanser, and got started on it. Although I started about a week into the problem, it did the job and got me back into being regular again. I like it because it’s potent enough to work, but gentle enough not to gripe (if you drink plenty of water with it), and it isn’t habit-forming.” R.S.

Generally, people who are trying to flush out their gall bladder will fast for 24-48 hours on pure apple juice (the ingredient label says, “apple juice” only!). The malic acid in apples is said to break down gall stones. An herbal laxative (LBS II) can be used as needed and Gall Bladder Formula is usually helpful. Usually 2 capsules of Gall Bladder Formula is taken every 2 hours during the fast.

One may also wish to take 2 capsules of Hydrangea with it which is a stone solvent. At the end of 2 days at bedtime, drink 1/2 c. cold-pressed olive oil and 1/2 c. fresh-squeezed lemon juice mixed. Immediately go to bed and lie on your right side for at least 1/2 hour before going to sleep. In the morning, if you don’t have a bowel movement, take an enema. You will see dark black or green objects which look like shriveled peas. You may want to continue the apple juice fast another day and do another olive oil & lemon juice flush at bedtime.

“I tipped the scale at 275 pounds to go along with my 48-inch waist. Because my stomach was often upset, I ate antacids like they were candy. I looked and felt terrible. Then my daughter asked if I had heard of Nature’s Sunshine Products (NSP). She told me she had lost 27 pounds and was still losing. I decided to give it a try. I started with Fen-Chi, Fat Grabbers, LBS II and Collatrim Liquid. I lost 7 pounds immediately and gained a tremendous amount of motivation. To date, I have lost 40 pounds and my choleserol level is down to a healthy 175. My waist is down to 40 inches, and I haven’t taken an antacid tablet since I started on the NSP weight-loss program. I never feel hungry while following the program, nor do I count calories. In fact, once a week I treat myself to a pizza, but then I follow up by sticking to my eating plan. I eat a healthy amount of fruit and vegetables. I have a lot of energy and feel great about myself. My friends all say I look wonderful. I’ve regained my self-respect!” H.W.

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