Intestinal Soothe and Build


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• Helps to ease and soothe a toxic bowel.
• Provides nutrients that help cleanse the bowel by countering the effects of unfriendly microorganisms.
• Restores the bowel to a cleaner, healthier state.

This combination of 5 herbs was developed by Jeanne Burgess because she had problems with chemical and food allergies, nerves, stress, flare-ups of colitis, crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome with inflammation and infection that caused the ileocecal valve to become inflamed and swollen. These health issues created a lot of problems. She needed a solution for intestinal bloating, indigestion, heartburn, spastic colitis and ulcers.


Slippery Elm
is historically known as one of the most healing, soothing herbs and is the best intestinal cleanser. It is one of the best mucous eliminators, and is known as a complete, nourishing food. The settlers would live on Slippery Elm until the spring crops were ready. Dr. John Christopher said it possesses an abundant mucilage which soothes and disperses inflammation, draws out impurities, heals rapidly and greatly strengthens.

is known as a tonic, antispasmodic, nervine or sedative, stimulant to circulation, and aids digestion. It calms a nervous stomach and is one of the greatest anti-fungus herbs to kill Candida.

is the best healer of blood poisoning, reducing swelling and completely healing a limb where poisons had made amputation imminent. If it can do that, just think what it can do for an inflamed intestinal tract.

help prevent infection and even clears infection up when already developed because it is rich in Vitamin C, contains organic sulphur, rutin for strong capillaries, and calcium. “Today’s Herbal Health” lists it as an especially good blood purifier.

works for nervous indigestion. It has been reported as useful for internal bleeding, like ulcers or colitis, by tightening capillaries.

is very high in calcium for healing and repairing and is very soothing to inflamed areas. Its power for arresting gangrene or putrefaction has been so great that it has been called, “The Mortification Root.”

Amount Per 3 Capsules

Proprietary Blend 1200 mg

Slippery Elm Bark (Ulmus rubra)

Chamomile Flowers (Matricaria recutita)

Plantain Leaves (Plantago major)

Rosehips Fruit (Rosa canina)

Bugleweed Aerial Parts (Lycopus americanus)

Marshmallow Root Extract (Althaea officinalis)

For those with allergies, ALJ is a great complementary product.

Recommended Use
Take three capsules with a meal three times daily.

Customer Comments

Gas, Bloating, Hiatal Hernia
– “I had severe gas, bloating, hiatal hernia, and all the pain that accompanies this, but I don’t have the problem at all when I take the Intestinal Soothe & Build
faithfully. It makes the ileocecal valve behave and removes the infection and inflammation. It’s also soothing and healing to the bowel. It’s an answered prayer for me.” Janie A.

Digestive Problems and Bleeding Intestinal System
– “Our cat, Juliet, had problems with digestion and bleeding from the anus. I began using Intestinal Soothe & Build
to deal with it herbally. I sprinkle one capsule over her dry food every morning. She has had no bleeding and her little rear end looks very healthy (she used to have some slight redness there, but that has gone away). She seemed rather suspicious of the herbs at first but I think she has gotten to like them. As a matter of fact I think she is becoming a real herb lover. I brought home a fresh cutting of peppermint and Miss Juliet went wild for it. It was very cute.” S.F.H.

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