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Contributes to the maintenance of a healthy blood sugar balance.

Helps the body overcome fatigue.

Enhances the interrelated functions of the pancreas, liver and adrenal glands.

Acts as an overall tonic and thereby helps increase blood quality.

Without enough blood sugar (glucose), cells can’t make energy. Among the first signs that a person does not have enough blood sugar are light-headedness, tingling hands or a mood change.

Maintaining proper nutrition for blood sugar balance is crucial. Too much blood sugar can clog capillaries and starve cells. Too little can cause the body to fall into a coma or even die.

Several organs work together to provide fuel needed on a cellular level, including the liver and pancreas, and the circulatory system. In an emergency, the adrenal glands and other organs become involved. You can recognize adrenaline by a pounding heart or shaking hands as these glands send messages to the liver telling it to release more glucose into the blood.

HY-A helps the body regulate blood glucose by providing nutrients often lacking in the everyday diet.

How It Works
Licorice root benefits stressed adrenal glands and supports digestive organs in general. Safflower flowers help prevent liver and gallbladder congestion, improving overall liver performance. Dandelion root provides these organs with important minerals, which are not accessible to most shallow-rooted plants. It also stimulates pancreatic function. Horseradish root amplifies the overall effect of the formula and improves circulation.

Nature’s Sunshine Product (NSP) Advantage
NSP has combined the highest quality raw materials to create a powerful, synergistic herbal formula. HY-A provides nutrients that help detoxify and rebuild weakened organs. Many times results are noticeable in just a few weeks. You may wish to keep a diary of your blood sugar levels and feelings before and while using this product in order to note some beneficial changes that often are subtle over a long period of time.

HY-A contains licorice root, safflower flowers, dandelion root and horseradish root in preservative-free capsules.

User Care
If you are using medication for blood sugar problems, consult your health care practitioner before using this product.

Recommended Use
Take 2 capsules with a meal twice daily.

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