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• Enhances bodily functions, especially elimination.
• Improves overall immunity.
• Helps the body normalize cholesterol levels, due to its high-fiber content.
• Provides a meal that’s easily absorbed and metabolized into energy.
• Contains the full array of nutrients the body needs from grains • Is pH balancing.

In recent years, dietary experts have encouraged people to include in their diets lots of whole foods such as vegetables and grains. The truth is, only five percent of Americans get their daily requirement of essential nutrients. Do you? When you feel those cravings during the day, your body may be telling you it needs important nutrients that vegetables, fruits, grains and other whole foods provide.

Enter Ultimate GreenZone. By combining protein-rich ingredients with vitamin-rich food stuffs, Nature’s Sunshine Products (NSP) has created a meal that is easily absorbed and metabolized into energy that you can feel almost instantly. You’ll enjoy improved bodily functions, enhanced elimination of waste, and greater immune capability—all within a few days.

How It Works
Ultimate GreenZone offers a perfect complement to a meal by providing extra nutrients and energy. Ultimate GreenZone is easily metabolized into energy and helps promote proper bodily functions, including waste elimination and immune capability. Each serving provides 1 gram of a proprietary prebiotic fiber blend (scFOS) that helps feed the body’s friendly bacteria, plus enzymes to support digestion.

Nature’s Sunshine’s Advantage
Ultimate GreenZone provides additional nutrients and energy for people who are always on the go. Its fiber content helps you maintain normal-range cholesterol levels and promotes a healthy colon. Ultimate GreenZone also provides digestive enzymes to support proper digestion. It allows you to get nutritious whole-food goodness that your body needs from grains, vegetables and algae nutrients.

Amaranth seed, brown rice, flax seed, spirulina algae, fructooligosaccharides, quinoa seed, flax seed hull lignans, chia seed, chlorella algae millet seed, alfalfa leaf and stem juice concentrate, licorice root, soy lecithin, carrot root, lemon grass aerial parts, papaya fruit concentrate, artichoke leaves, spinach leaves and stems, broccoli flowers, kale leaves, asparagus stems, red beet root extract, bromelain (from pineapple fruit extract), chicory root, acerola fruit extract, horsetail stem and strobilus, lemon bioflavonoid extract, sodium copper chlorophyllin, parsley leaves and pau d’arco bark extract.

Recommended Use
Take 4 capsules three or four times daily with a meal.

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