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• Supports the respiratory system.
• Helps keep the mucus thin.
• Soothes irritated respiratory tissue.

This combination has been used in folk medicine for controlling excessive mucus, and in preventing-as well as clearing-head congestion. This is typical for herbal supplements; many benefits are derived at the same time. This is because they contain several compounds that relate to each other synergistically so as to amplify their beneficial effects on the whole body.

Fenugreek seed by itself can be used as a nutritional support against general respiratory tract infections. It soothes inflamed tissue and helps produce a thinner mucus that can flush the toxins out of sinus cavities. It is also an excellent source of iron for energy and blood building, and has a high amount of selenium as an antioxidant, which is especially needed during an illness.

Anciently, fenugreek served as cattle feed and medicinally was used for about every problem under the sun.

“Thymus” is Greek for “courage,” but also may derive from the Greek term meaning “to fumigate.” Thyme herb was burned to chase stinging insects from the house. It has served as a symbol for several societies, representing elegance to early Greeks, chivalry in the Middle Ages and the Republican spirit in France.

Thyme is antiseptic and helps to strengthen the thymus gland as part of the immune response to infection. So it’s easy to think of “thyme” and “thymus” when illness strikes. It is also a famous herb for respiratory infection.

For small children, it should be given often and in small quantities. So for sinus problems, not only is this area cleared by Fenugreek & Thyme, but it helps in the nutritional battle against digestive problems that are often the root cause of congestion in the first place.

Fenugreek Seeds (Trigonella foenum-graecum)

Thyme Leaves (Thymus vulgaris)

Recommended Use
Take two capsules with a meal twice daily.

Customer Comments
SINUS INFECTIONS – “I’ve had allergies all my life since elementary school. I used Bayer Aspirin then on a daily basis for sinus infections. As an adult I tried allergy shots and antibiotics and nothing helped. I ended up in the hospital when the infections advanced to the ears, throat and lungs. I stopped in “The Herbs Place” two years ago and began using ECHINACEA and FENUGREEK & THYME
. It takes a while to get into your system and begin to correct things, but I haven’t had a problem for the two years I’ve been using this program. I had a nodule on my tonsil that was just ‘always there’ it has gone away also. I’m very excited about herbs.” S. Godwin

“My son had a sinus infection and a severe headache. I gave him two Sinus Support
every three hours. The headache stopped and in 3-4 days the infection was completely gone.” B.R.

“I used to have sinus headaches regularly. I began using FENUGREEK & THYME
and I don’t have a problem any more. As soon as I feel the pressure building, I begin the herbs every hour and I’m completely relieved within a few hours.” M. Moffett

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