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It is estimated that Americans get only half the chromium they need each day. Although humans need chromium only in trace amounts, too little chromium in the human diet can lead to serious health problems.

After chromium enters the human body, it teams up with other elements to keep our metabolism tuned and efficient. Food processing techniques can remove nearly all of it, leading to dietary deficiencies.

Minerals by themselves are usually hard to absorb and require helper molecules as chaperones to usher them into the bloodstream, and through the cell wall where they can be put to work. Certain bonding molecules are better than others in order for us to efficiently absorb and utilize chromium.

For proper absorption of chromium, the body depends on a natural form of chromium which is “chelated,” or joined to helper molecules. The general environment of the bowel is also important for absorption. Such factors as enzymes, pH (acidity or alkalinity), and bacterial action on food in the bowel can make a big difference on how much chromium gets into the bloodstream.

Chromium is the central atom in the “glucose tolerance factor” (GTF), a hormone-like compound that works with insulin to transport glucose – the body’s quickest fuel – out of the blood and into the cells. GTF is composed of two niacin molecules, three amino acids, zinc and manganese. With chromium present in the diet, intestinal bacteria can produce GTF for you.

The National Research Council tells us that in animal experiments, chromium is needed to help maintain normal blood sugar, acting as a cofactor with insulin. The council goes on to say that juvenile diabetes and coronary artery disease are associated with low concentrations of chromium in the blood (Recommended Dietary Allowances, 10
ed., p. 241 ).

Taking chromium supplements is the next best thing to ingesting it through everyday eating. But putting a mineral supplement in an absorbable form is another matter. Nature’s Sunshine has modified its chromium supplement to reflect current research on increasing adsorbability by making sure its chromium is chelated to an amino acid for greatest absorption.

Since it is often true that various forms of nutritional elements have advantages and disadvantages, depending on the desired usage, we continue to be alert to the latest findings on all forms of chelated chromium, and under what conditions each would perform best for human consumption. Chromium is a key mineral used for weight loss.

Each tablet of 300 mcg of Nature’s Sunshine GTF Chromium also has been chelated to amino acids to increase absorption and a blended base of red clover tops, yarrow flowers and horsetail herb. Each of these herbs by nature have higher concentrations of chromium than other botanicals to provide a botanical source for better assimilation.

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