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Regulate Your Cholesterol With Cholester-Reg II

High cholesterol can have serious and even lethal effects on the body. With the help of NSP’s Cholestrak test kit, you can measure your cholesterol level quickly, simply and conveniently in your own home. This kit contains everything you need to obtain one accurate cholesterol reading:
• 1 test device
• 1 cholesterol result chart
• 1 finger stick device (lancet)
• 1 gauze pad
• 1 bandage
• 1 brochure
• 1 questions & answers brochure

With the easy-to-use Cholestrak, you will know in minutes if you have a healthy cholesterol level, if you should modify your lifestyle and work to decrease other risk factors, or if you should consult a physician.

Not for use by hemophiliacs or those taking blood-thinning medications.

Regulate Your Cholesterol With Cholester-Reg II

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