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• Enhances breast size and shape naturally
• Helps maintain hormone balance
• Provides natural ingredients that promote breast health

Many women resort to high-risk surgical procedures to obtain larger, firmer and more shapely breasts . However, breast augmentation is expensive (as much as $10,000) and carries some weighty health risks.

Complications involved with surgical implants can include hard, painful breasts; infection; over sensitive, under sensitive and numb nipples; and leaking implants. Many women find that implants don’t last forever so they have to return for further surgeries.

A less invasive, less risky and less expensive natural alternative is sorely needed. Breast Enhance is now available from Nature’s Sunshine Products. Breast Enhance includes herbs that have been traditionally used to improve breast size and firmness naturally. Non-invasive and less expensive!

How It Works
Breast Enhance contains herbs that help maintain normal female hormone levels and enhance the size and firmness of breast tissue. The postovulatory and premenstrual experience of breast enlargement, when both estrogen and progesterone secretions are very high, suggest that hormone levels may enhance breast size and shape

Nature’s Sunshine Advantage
Breast Enhance contains herbs that have been used for centuries by some cultures to enhance the breasts. This high quality herbal formula contains a specialized extract of genistein-rich kudzu root extract, making it unique to the marketplace.

Breast Enhance contains genistein-rich kudzu extract, saw palmetto berries extract, dong quai extract and alfalfa.

Recommended Use
Take 1 capsule with a meal three times daily.

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