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When the FDA withdrew Comfrey Root from the marketplace, the public needed a replacement to supply its healing benefits. Bone/Skin Poultice, a Western formulation using American, European and Chinese herbs, acts as the substitute for the famous comfrey plant.

However, Bone/Skin Poultice is more than a “fill-in” since this supplement provides all the medicinal merits of comfrey and much more.

To discover the properties of Bone/Skin Poultice requires a review of the well-known uses of comfrey. Historically, old herbalists used crushed comfrey leaves to soothe wounds and burns and improve skin complexion. In addition comfrey was used in treating gastric, duodenal and external ulcers. As a tea comfrey helped loosen respiratory congestion, and a strong concentrate of comfrey was used to help stop internal hemorrhaging. Comfrey is a soothing, mucilaginous herb.

Scientifically, comfrey’s allatonin content was found to promote new cell growth and repair all kinds of tissue damage. That’s why another of its names was “knit-bone.”And this herb is loaded with vitamins and minerals, too.

Bone/Skin Poultice combines yarrow flowers, mullein leaf, plantain herb and Chinese rehmannia root to give additional benefits not found in comfrey alone. When you combine these four herbs together, you can see that this product may be useful to people who are suffering from pain, eczema, respiratory congestion, wounds, inflammation or any “itis” disease.

About The Ingredients
This famous herb helps pull tissues together for healing (astringent), is antiseptic and diuretic, in addition to cooling, soothing and healing. Plantain is excellent for repairing both acute and chronic wounds and can be used internally and externally. This plant is a superior remedy for neuralgia pain and even venereal disease in its early stages. Native Americans also used plantain as an effective anti-poison remedy for treating snake bites, as well as an effective remedy for burns and bee stings.

Chinese rehmannia root:
This root contains aromatic compounds that promote sweating to cleanse the body, increase blood circulation, relieve pain and inflammation and also muscle spasms. In Chinese herbalism this root has been used to treat specific conditions such as-headaches, migraines, arthritis, rheumatism, flu, inflammatory skin conditions and anemia. This plant’s normalizing powers for menstruation (emmenagogue and anti-spasmodic) are similar to false unicorn.

Mullein leaf:
An aid for pain, bleeding and infection, mullein leaf is also an anti-spasmodic (relieves cramps). This herb is famous for lung problems and is a wonderful healer, even for swollen tissues including the joints. Since this plant soothes inflammation and relieves pain, most people would expect an acrid, sour or bitter taste. However, mullein’s mild taste pleasantly surprises many.

Yarrow flowers:
Yarrow contains a blue volatile oil that is a powerful anti – inflammatory, so it reduces swelling, redness and speeds healing. Yarrow has a long history of use as a wound healer and as a styptic agent, which stops bleeding. Yarrow encourages regular monthly periods and may help relieve the monthly blues for women as well as relieve cramps and muscle spasms. (Yarrow flowers should be used only in small amounts by those who are pregnant.)

This plant is considered both an astringent and aromatic bitter that helps to lower high blood pressure, reduce high fevers, stop bleeding, in addition to providing a mild antibiotic and diuretic action. Many of its characteristics match those of chamomile.

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For Educational Purposes Only
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Recommended Use
Take 2 capsules with a meal three times daily and/or mix herb powder with Golden Salve or with Black Ointment to create poultices. You can apply this mixture to any area of the body and wrap with a hot, moist rag to stimulate absorption of the herbal properties. Bedtime is a favorite time of use since you can also wrap with plastic wrap to keep the moisture from clothes and mattress.

Customer Comments
“My husband pulled “something” in his left shoulder while putting heavy luggage in and out of the car and was in a great deal of pain the following day. I opened my “herbal medicine chest” and gave him two Bone/Skin Poultice, a CHAMOMILE to relax him from the pain, and rubbed the shoulder with TEI FU LOTION twice that day. The following day he was pain-free and back to normal. No doubt, medically this would have been a trip to the Ortho doc for a shot in the shoulder and pain killers or steroids. Hurrah for natural alternatives and the desire the body has to heal itself.” R.S.

“On January 25, 1998, I twisted my ankle and ended up with a cast when the Dr. said I’d sprained ligaments and tendons and had a chipped fracture. I was informed I’d have it on for 6 weeks. I began taking Bone/Skin Poultice and PLS II and praying for healing. I went back on February 10 (16 days later) for my check-up. They removed the cast to take x-rays and I walked to the room. Can you believe they said I didn’t need the cast back on! Wow! I was so excited. I continued to take the herbs knowing I would need support for the rest of the healing process. Herbs Really Work!” S. O’Brien

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