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A team of European scientists have discovered that oil pressed from black currant seeds holds the key to healing relief of a variety of ailments ranging from inflammatory disorders to skin disorders and chronic nagging pain. The excitement mounts because the oil represents a breakthrough in the search for a drugless method of soothing unpleasant symptoms such as faulty immune function, stubborn aches and impaired recovery powers to many common and uncommon disorders.

Late research shows that black currant oil (BCO) not only supplies important gamma linolenic acid, but also is a source of other needed essential fatty acids as well as the unique stearidonic acid, the precursors of the prostaglandin series PG3.

Essential fatty acids have nothing to do with fat. Think of them more like nutrients,. They are called essential because the body must have them and cannot make them itself. Fatty acids perform all kinds of vital functions in the body. They give energy
, help maintain body temperature, cushion and protect tissues
, and insulate the nerves
. Essential fatty acids (EFA) are part of the structure of every cell in your body and are vital for metabolism. They are also the precursors of the all-important short-lived regulating molecules, the prostaglandins. These regulators act by blocking pain. They are needed to dilate blood vessels
, lower arterial pressure
, metabolize cholesterol
, activate T-lymphocytes
to boost immunity
, protect against platelet aggregation
, control abnormal cell proliferation
, to name just a few vital functions.

Until now the only other source of GLA (after mother’s milk) was that of evening primrose oil. Black currant seed oil contains a more complete range of EFA. In contrast, evening primrose oil contains only one EFA – linoleic acid plus gamma linolenic acid (GLA). Black currant seed oil contains two: linoleic acid and alpha linolenic acid plus GLA the unique steridonic acid. New research shows that black currant seed oil contains double the amount of GLA as evening primrose – 17% vs. 8-9%.

Why is GLA so important? Because it is the source of prostaglandins, the biological regulators that: (1) Regulate the menstrual cycle
– including PMS
in women. (2) Regulate skin problems
such as dry, flaky patches. (3) Assist in regulating the body’s immune system
. (4) Control every cell and organ in your body
on a minute-by-minute basis.

In a more recent report, a study was made by Dr. Klingman and Dr. Grove at the Skin Study Center of Philadelphia. The scientists wanted to see if Black Currant Oil could treat dry skin disorders
. In the young, enzymatic transformation of dietary lipids in the body gives active compounds which offer a natural protection against excessive water loss. However, as we age, our enzymatic systems become less efficient and we need a supplementary aid to maintain our body lipid pool in equilibrium. These Doctors. tell of using BCO to treat the problem, diagnosed as senile xerosis or very dry skin. The clinical assessment: “A significant improvement in skin dryness as assessed visually was achieved in the group and a trend toward improved skin texture as assessed tactically also seems to exist for the group.” There was a significant reduction in evaporative water loss, as well.

Fatty acids are involved in many bodily functions, such as maintaining body temperature, insulating nerves, cushioning and protecting tissues and creating energy. These essential fatty acids are precursors of prostaglandins, which must be present for functions involved with blood vessels, maintaining arterial pressure already within the normal range, metabolizing dietary cholesterol, activating T-lymphocytes, protecting against platelet aggregation and other functions. Before the discovery of black currant oil, the only other known sources of GLA were mother’s milk and evening primrose oil.


Each black currant oil capsule provides 40–45 mg GLA per serving, that’s 12 percent  GLA (more than evening primrose oil). It contains two essential fatty acids – linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid – and the unique stearidonic acid. Consisting of Black Currant Seed (Ribes Nigrum) Oil 250 mg (per capsule)

Recommended Use

Take one capsule with a meal three times daily.


“It is still with amazement that I think of how long I suffered with diarrhea before meeting you and trying the herbs to stop it. My life has been so much richer since getting on the right “medication,” which is, of course, not medicine at all. The doctors had me on so many things and nothing was working. I can now plan my life around something other than a bathroom. Thanks for everything! I am now retired and traveling and could never have done this without a solution that God’s herbs provided. I am enjoying my grandchildren and looking forward to my first great grandchild with renewed spirit. The program I used was this: BOWEL DETOX (2 capsules with morning meal and 3 capsules with evening meal), PARSLEY (2 capsules with morning meal and 2 capsules with evening meal), and BLACK CURRANT OIL
(2 capsules with morning meal and 2 capsules with evening meal). I tried different combinations of this and different dosages but this is what worked for me. Praise the Lord! I am forever grateful. I only pray that my story will help someone else that has reached the end of their “rope” as I had.” R.G.

“I had this condition for 8 years and had to go every 6 mo. to remove the polyps (38 the first time and a few less thereafter) until I was down to once a year. I was having constant diarrhea also. I began taking 1 BOWEL DETOX, 2 BLACK CURRANT OIL
, and 2 PARSLEY twice a day. The diarrhea stopped and I’m having two regular BM’s a day. At my annual check-up there was only 1 polyp and the Dr. said to keep doing what I’m doing. I certainly will.” R.G.

“My daughter hadn’t had a menstrual period for a year. She began taking BLACK CURRANT OIL
to balance the glandular system and after 2-3 weeks, she began her period.” J. Holt

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