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Now you can “light up a room” with scents you love. The Aromaball allows you to diffuse essential oils to add a scent you simply love to smell, or one known to calm and relax, or energize and rejuvenate.

The diffuser comes with 10 absorbent cards to which you apply a few drops of oil. Simply slip the card into the diffuser, and plug into a wall socket.

Keep one in the bathrooms, kitchen and bedroom to cleanse the area of Immune System weakening organisms. That could allow you to float through cold and flu season without a problem.

Favorite Essential Oils For Our Home
by Donna L. Watkins

The most important thing to consider is essential oil quality. If the oil is not harvested at the right time and is not 100% pure essential oil, you will not get the benefits you’re looking for from the plant’s properties. If you are new to essential oils, you can educate yourself with the information on the links at the top or bottom of this page.

We have several AromaBalls and these are my favorite oils to use with them.

For the Living Room
Patchouli (Pogostemon patchouli) – Warm, earthy scent with history of benefiting the nervous and glandular systems for men and women. It provides a relaxed and warm feeling for guests.

Cinnamon Leaf
(Cinnamonum zeylanicum) – The warming properties of cinnamon comfort and soothe the body and mind. Cinnamon’s pungent, spicy aroma supports the respiratory and digestive systems. It helps invigorate and rejuvenate the mind and body.

For the Kitchen
Lemon (organic Citrus limonum) – Stimulating and sunshine-bright, Lemon benefits the immune, lymphatic, circulatory and digestive systems. The best part for kitchens is the cleaning properties that enhance the Immune System’s defense. It’s great for bathrooms too if they’re separated from bedroom sleeping areas. What a wonderful way to wake up in the mornings. 

For the Bathrooms
Pine Needle (Pinus sylvestris) – Clean, fresh smell seems to promote alertness and mental focus; benefits the respiratory and urinary system also.

For the Bedroom
Lavender Fine AOC (Lavandula angustifolia) – Lavender Oil is a must in most herbalist’s medicine chests. You can make an excellent rub for sprains, strains and sore muscles using a few drops of Lavender in a carrier oil. It goes well with Tea Tree Oil for cuts and abrasions and is excellent to use undiluted on burns. First cool the burn in cold water and then sprinkle liberally with Lavender Oil. It can be taken internally (1-3 drops in a cup of water) for headache pain, even migraines. If you’ve lost your voice, make a gargle with Lavender Oil.

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