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When you want to increase the body’s strength by using superior nutritional means, you need a special formula like this one – 17 remarkable herbs all carefully selected and mixed according to a special formula developed by a respected herbalist.

Individuals living in fast-paced Western society often make poor dietary choices. One of the first body systems to suffer is the digestive tract. As devitalized foods gradually overwhelm a weakened system, waste products begin to build up in the bowels. These sites are a breeding ground for all sorts of harmful bacteria and the additional toxins they produce. These may also be absorbed into the blood and weaken the entire body.

As time passes, tissue in contact with these wastes can break down. As the danger increases, a bowel cleanse and repair becomes more crucial.

What can be done to maintain a healthy bowel?

Here are several common sense ideas:

  • Change your diet to include more cleansing foods: fruits and vegetables
  • Drink plenty of pure water
  • Exercise to reduce levels of stress

Nature’s Sunshine’s All Cell Detox may also be of benefit.

This formula provides the body with the nutritional elements it needs to:

  • Keep the bowels moving normally without cramping
  • Encourage the kidneys to clear the blood of debris
  • Enhance digestive fluids to handle all food more efficiently
  • Discourage flatulence
  • Help the liver and gall bladder perform better

Herbalists believe the liver loves bitter herbs. Gentian, cascara sagrada, golden seal, yellow dock, safflowers, myrrh, barberry, cyani flower, and dandelion all contain bitter compounds friendly to your entire digestive system.

This formula includes herbs to help the body soothe and calm the entire digestive tract, such as Irish moss, fenugreek, catnip and slippery elm.

All Cell Detox – Full ingredient list includes: gentian root, Irish moss plant, cascara sagrada bark, fenugreek seeds, golden seal root – concentrated powdered extract, slippery elm bark, safflower flower, black walnut hulls, myrrh gum, parthenium root, yellow dock root, dandelion root, oregon grape root, uva ursi leaves – concentrated powdered extract, chickweed herb – concentrated powdered extract, catnip herb, cyani flowers.

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