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Protects Cardiovascular System and Aids Memory Too

Everyday exposure to environmental contaminants, sun, and toxins create free radicals in the body. These free radicals wreak havoc, accelerating the aging process and increasing susceptibility to degenerative disease. Evidence shows over sixty human diseases involve free radical damage.

Antioxidants neutralize free radicals rendering them harmless helping to repair damage. This formula contains the following antioxidants: tocotrienols, alpha-lipoic acid, lycopene, milk thistle (Silybum marianum), turmeric (Curcuma longa), and rose hips.



More potent antioxidant than CoQ10, beta-carotene, and lycopene. Increases the concentration of HDL (good) cholesterol

Alpha-lipoic Acid

Necessary for energy production in cells. Regenerates vitamin E, vitamin C, CoQ10, and glutathione extending activity. Aids diabetic neuropathy, regulation of blood sugar, and retinopathy. Has anti-carcinogenic effects. Improves long-term memory. 


Aids in reduction of cholesterol. Depleted levels implicated in all stages of liver disease

Milk Thistle

Protects the liver. Up to ten times more powerful antioxidant than vitamin E


Contains three major antioxidant curcuminoids. Fights protozoa and kills intestinal parasites. Reduces toxins


Natural source of vitamin C, carotenoids, and flavonoids. Protects cells and tissues

Recommended Use
Take 1 capsule with a meal twice daily.

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