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Simplifying and Detoxifying Your Cleaning Supplies

Safe for people, animals, plants and our environment. This all-purpose, concentrated cleaner is tough on dirt, grease and grime, yet it won’t harm the environment or your family. Its biodegradable cleaning and sudsing agents break down easily, helping to prevent foaming in lakes and streams.

Highly concentrated, this cleaner is good for just about every cleaning need imaginable – household, personal, auto and others. It’s 100% organic, biodegradable, nontoxic, nonirritating, nonmagnetic, and nonvolatile. Contains no polluting borates, phosphates, or nitrates.

Save money. One bottle equals 200 gallons of window cleaner or 64 gallons of your average household cleaner.

Add essential oils for antibacterial, antimicrobial action.

Sunshine Concentrate for Gardens, Golf Courses, and Farms

Here Are Some Suggested Uses:

Kitchen – clean appliances, sinks, refrigerators, counters, wood surfaces, walls, floors, dishes (even fine china), pots and pans, silverware, copper and brass. Works in automatic dishwashers. Cleans ovens, grills, griddles, thermoses and plastic containers. Works as a fruit/vegetable wash.

Laundry – pre-spot stains, spots, grimy collars and cuffs. Pre-soak diapers. Hand-wash silks, fine woolens, sweaters and other delicate fabrics in cool or cold water.

Outdoors – clean tools, air filters, battery terminals, grease on concrete driveways, interior/exterior of cars/boats. Safe for lawns, gardens and farming. Excellent insect repellant. Great for shampooing the dog.

Indoors – clean windows, mirrors, shower, chrome, aquarium, rugs, tile, wallpaper, carpet, furniture, no-wax floors. Prevents mineral buildup in irons and humidifiers. Repels dust. Works as a shampoo and hand soap. Cleans shoes, handbags, eyeglasses, leather goods and more. Safe on house plants.

Bath – safe for bubble bath. Leaves no bathtub ring! Most soaps have a pH of 8 or higher. Sunshine Concentrate has a pH of 6.5, which is easier on your skin.

Safe for people, animals, plants and our environment. Biodegradable, non-polluting, chemical-free. Non-flammable. Save money. One bottle equals 200 gallons of window cleaner or 64 gallons of your average household cleaner.

A pump is also available for the concentrate.

Water, Delaire DL (mild non-irritating fragrance), non oxynol9 (non ionic detergent), linear alcohol alkoxylates (surfactant).

We cannot bestow the virtues of the delaire 18019 since it is a proprietary ingredient of the manufacturer.

The Nonoxynol-9 in this product is a safe and effective surfactant (soap). It is responsible for the antimicrobial effects of the product. It is biodegradable and poses no health risks to humans. Its extensive use as a spermicide attests to its safety both topically and internally. However, be advised it is never recommended to ingest this product internally.

This product should be viewed as a safe and effective biodegradable soap for household cleaning. These ingredients contain no polluting phosphates, borates or acids. Its sudsing agents break down easily, helping to prevent foaming problems in our lakes and streams.

Comments From Our Customers

I Used This to Remove Super Glue – Loving This Stuff!
“I ordered your Sunshine Concentrate over a month ago and I have been so very pleased with everything I have used it on. My Mom uses it for everything also: bath, shampoo, hand soap, laundry etc. I just ordered more. Anyway, I had gotten Super Glue on two fingers this morning. You have to wear this stuff off! I was wiping cabinet doors with the Sunshine Concentrate household mixture. When I finished there seemed to be powder on my fingers. I looked down and rubbed my fingers together, the cleaner had turned the glue to powder and it rubbed right off. Just thought you might like to know. Thank you for putting this product on the site. You have five (5) more families that love this stuff!” Barbara

Clean & Critter-Free
“Since I have my dog Bandie on a cleanse for heartworms, he stinks a lot more. Last night he got a bubble bath with Sunshine Concentrate instead of the doggy shampoo since it absorbs odors rather than covering them with perfume and it rinses off a lot easier. I added Tea Tree Oil to the water, of course, to repel any critters. I like using something without chemicals that are absorbed into the bloodstream. I thought about making a spray mister of Sunshine Concentrate, water and Tea Tree Oil to de-odor him daily and keep critters off. I love that Sunshine Concentrate for sure. It saves me so much money not buying chemicals to clean with and I love it for dishes. It’s really a wonderful product.” Rob

Clean Without Bleach
“I just mopped the kitchen floor in a gallon of water, a squirt of Sunshine Concentrate
and 7 drops of Lemon Essential Oil. I really like using bleach because it disinfects, but I know it is so bad, so I’m trying the Lemon Oil which smells so wonderful that it makes my mouth water! A really nice benefit is that the floor is not sticky or slippery which is the typical problem with chemical floor cleaners and the bleach leaves a residue that I have to rinse off. No rinsing with Sunshine Concentrate and Lemon Oil. It sure is nice to smell lemon and feel refreshed after mopping the floor instead of dazed out from bleach vapors.” RSS

Environmentally-Safe Cleaning
“It’s warm and springy and I was again reminded of the wonderful outdoor uses of Sunshine Concentrate. I spent the afternoon cleaning up my lawn furniture which was effortless with a bucketful of water mixed with Sunshine Concentrate. Everything comes off so easily and I am not concerned about hurting the environment. Then it was car wash time. Did you know that a dot of Sunshine Concentrate on a bug or tar spot just nearly lifts it right off? Hardly any scrubbing involved. Thanks Nature’s Sunshine for a great product!” Robin

I just had to let you know that my Cabbage seeds have sprouted quickly after soaking them in the Sunshine Concentrate solution. The package said 10-12 day germination, but it only took 4 days and they were seeds from two years ago. Herb seeds take the longest, but I soaked Thyme and the package said 8-20 days. It only took 5. I used 1 ounce of Sunshine Concentrate to a gallon of water. I’m using it on my garden also after reading about the results others have had on this website. Thanks for letting me know about Sunshine Concentrate. D.F.

“I had itched all over for many years. My cousin has the same problem and has said it was hereditary. I would start itching and after scratching, I’d get whelps. After attending The Herbal Medicine Chest seminar and hearing about Sunshine Concentrate, a natural soap/cleaner, and after having used some in the bathroom there and finding my hands so smooth, I decided to get some and try it in my shower. After only a few days, my itching stopped and hasn’t been a problem since. I mixed it 1 part to 7 parts water as directed.” Jeanette L.

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