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The stevia used in this product is specially processed to eliminate the bitter aftertaste associated with many competitive stevia products.

The sweetest things in life aren’t always free, especially when it comes to the foods we eat. Most of the delicacies we crave are crammed with unwanted calories – and that means physical and emotional stress!

Well, now you can enjoy ‘la dolce vita’ without the risk of increasing your waistline. Nature’s Sunshine’s new Stevia Powder is made from an unusually sweet herb that contains almost no caloric value at all. So supplement your diet the right way, and say goodbye to the guilt.

• Improves taste and flavor of foods,as well as drinks
• May help control blood sugar balance
• May aid weight loss
• Leaves no bitter aftertaste

Nature’s Sunshine Advantage
While there are over 100 different species of the stevia plant, only Stevia rebaudiana exhibits a potent sensation of sweetness. Nature’s Sunshine uses only this species of stevia to ensure that we offer our customers the most effective product.

Scientific Support
Stevia may be especially beneficial to diabetics because of its hypoglycemic effect. In addition, some studies have shown that stevia can help control hyperglycemia, improve glucose tolerance, decrease plasma glucose levels, and reduce glucose production in the kidneys.

Stevia exhibits a hypoglycemic (lowers blood sugar) action. A double-blind study of 25 patients showed their mean blood sugar levels dropped 32.5 percent six to eight hours after ingesting stevia.

How It Works
The glycosides present in Stevia rebaudiana are responsible for the plant’s extreme sweetness. Among the many glycosides found in this plant, steviosides and rebaudiosides are mainly responsible for this unique characteristic.

Nature’s Sunshine uses only the purest, most potent sources of Stevia rebaudiana leaves to create Stevia Powder.

Recommended Use
Apply to foods and drinks as desired to improve taste without increasing calories.

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