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This is a pure essential oil, not synthetic. Therefore a drop goes a long way! Nature’s Sunshine Peppermint Oil is obtained by steam distillation from the fresh above ground parts of the flowering plant of Mentha peperita.

According to, Peppermint Oil possesses antibacterial activity in vitro. Different commercial preparations exhibit various activities. 5 The essential oil and its constituents (eg, menthol, menthone) displayed activity against Escherichia coli , Helicobacter pylori, methicillin-sensitive and methicillin-resistant strains of Staphylococcus aureus , Pseudomonas spp., Enterobacter aerogenes , and Salmonella enteritidis.

Asthma – At the first sign of an asthma attack, brew a cup of peppermint tea using1-2 drops to a cup of hot water. Then mix several drops of Peppermint Oil with a carrier oil and rub it on the chest. It can be used without the carrier oil if needed.

Breath Freshener – Place on tongue or rub on teeth (reduces plaque build-up)

Carpet Freshener– Mix 1/2 cup of baking soda and 5 drops of Peppermint Oil. Put in a shaker jar and you’ve got a natural, chemical-free, carpet freshener. Peppermint Oil will ‘perk’ your brain, so you might even enjoy vacuuming the carpet more!

Coffee Substitute– put a couple of drops in a cup of hot water to enjoy instead of coffee

Colds/Flu – helps with fever, chills and vomiting

Digestion – stimulates salivary glands and bile production, relieves gas

Dizziness/Fainting– smell the open bottle and place some under the nose to inhale

Drowsiness -place a drop in your palm, rub with other palm, and cup hands over your face and breathe deep through your nose – perks the brain!

Fever – breathe in aroma of it and also make as a tea

Gallbladder -can bring some relief if couple of drops are taken on tongue or brewed as tea; stimulates production of bile to digest fats

Gas – put a drop or two on the tongue and inhale it while it gets swallowed; can be rubbed into area where the gas pains are

Heart – strengthening to muscles, use for heart palpitations

Headaches – rub into forehead and back of neck, also take a few drops internally

Hot Flashes -breathe in the aroma of it for 3-5 minutes – you can feel it cooling you from the top down

Heartburn – put a drop or two on the tongue and inhale it while it gets swallowed

Insects – is being touted as a cheap alternative to existing pesticides in the war against mosquito-borne disease.

Insomnia – helps to relax, use as a bedtime tea

Motion Sickness/Nausea– place a drop on the tongue every 5 minutes till relieved

Nervous Problems– strengthens nerves, useful with convulsions and spasms in children

Pets– rub a drop or two into the paw to settle a nervous animal down, or, for those who get carsick, apply prior to and during a trip.

Stomach Problems– stomach ache, cramps, hunger pangs

Throat – relieves ticking, scratchy and soreness

Pet Success Story – Noise Phobia – “I wanted to let you know that I have used Peppermint Oil on my dog’s paws for thunderphobia, and it DOES really work! I have used other things, but the best results were with Peppermint Oil on the paws. Both my golden boy and my Aussie have severe ‘noise’ phobia, and the Peppermint Oil really does the trick. Besides, my carpets also smell pretty good where they walk!” Carol Ressler

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