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Feverfew, a member of the sunflower family and grown in flower gardens throughout Europe and the United States, has been used for centuries to support the central nervous system and joint health.

Parthenolide, an active chemical naturally present in feverfew, appears to possess remarkable qualities, particularly for those who require regular and serious nervous system support. Parthenolide is the major dietary component of feverfew.

Commonly known as Bachelor’s Buttons, feverfew contains niacin and iron and provides nutrition to the central nervous system. Not only does this herb offer nutritional support for the brain, but it is also used for structural support of the body, particularly in the joints.

• Supports the central nervous system.
• Offers structural support for the body, particularly the joints.
• Promotes the natural balance of prostaglandin and serotonin levels.

Feverfew supports the body’s efforts to balance levels of prostaglandins and serotonin. Imbalanced (high) levels of these two natural chemicals may lead to physical reactions associated with discomfort. Prostaglandins monitor inflammation levels in the body, and serotonin (produced by blood platelets) constricts and then dilates arteries, altering blood flow.

Nature’s Sunshine Products (NSP) is proud to offer the most potent, highest grade of naturally grown high-parthenolide feverfew available.

Researchers have confirmed feverfew’s ability to support the body’s efforts in regulating the formation of prostaglandins. Feverfew also helps keep the blood slippery, less likely to clot. This may play a part in at least some nervous system reactions.

Furthermore, feverfew has been shown to help prevent the release of enzymes and histamines from immune cells. This trait may explain the herb’s traditional use for supporting joint health and comfort.

High-Parthenolide Feverfew delivers 500 mcg of parthenolide in a total of 212 mg of feverfew per capsule—from a specially grown “high-parthenolide” feverfew leaf.

Take 1 capsule daily. Do not take feverfew during pregnancy.

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