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A Natural Solution 4 You
November 23, 2004 Edition

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A Note From Randal

Hello Everyone,

We had a great time in Charleston, SC, with our friends. Laughter is so good for the heart and soul. Our emotions really do set the stage for health or disease. The best book we’ve found to link specific emotions with specific health issues is, “A More Excellent Way” by Henry Wright. It makes a GREAT gift idea for anybody you know that struggles with health problems and is open to getting to finding a solution within their own grasp.

Here’s a link with more info: “/essential_oils_introduction_sp_2/”
Emotions and Disease

We’re hoping you will have a blessed Thanksgiving and encourage you to make a list of all the things that come to mind that you are thankful for. I bet you’ll look at the holiday with a different point of view …. and you will digest your food better too! 🙂

It’s that time of the year when overeating is a real battle to win! This issue will give you some information to arm yourself with so you can hopefully do better in the battle. After all … we need to eat to live rather than live to eat right? That may be hard to imagine when you’re looking at all those wonderful holiday desserts 🙂

Until next time, be in good health!


Featured Nutritional Product

HSN-W For Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails

Show off for the holidays 🙂

Do your nails break?
Does your hair lack luster and have split ends?
Does your skin sag?
Are your joints stiff and painful?

You may need more silicon in your diet and this herbal combination is a way to get it. Silicon is an element that works with calcium to improve the strength and flexibility of the structural system of the body. Calcium is hard and brittle (like chalk), but when silicon combines with calcium and other minerals for bones, nails, hair, and teeth, it adds flexibility to the strength.

Silicon also improves skin tone and sheen and load bearing capacity of joints. It plays a role in nerve function as well, being part of the nerve sheath (myelin sheath) which protects and insulates the nerve fibers.

Western diets tend to be low in silica. The coarse, fibrous parts of the plant which contain the most silicon (husks, stems, peelings, cores, etc.), are not part of our diet. They are usually discarded.

Get more information on the ingredients and/or purchase this herbal formula here:

Health In The News

Q: Does TV Make You Fat?

A: Only if you turn it on. 🙂

Sometimes one doesn’t need a study to realize an obvious truth. However, scientists did one just to hammer home the point. As you may have guessed, they found increased obesity and diabetes in those who watched the most television.

Each two-hour/day increment in TV watching was associated with a 23% increase in obesity and a 14% increase in risk of diabetes.

An interesting caveat was that even when they controlled for exercise, the more television a woman watched (while getting the same amount of exercise as someone who watched less television) the higher the risk for diabetes and obesity.

My hypothesis would be that if you are doing something else, even when not called exercise, you are moving a bit – i.e., housework, shopping, lawn mowing, etc. – instead of sitting on the couch. It’s good some things turn out as you’d expect.

Source: Natural Food Merchandiser Magazine

Essential Oils For Health

Nature offers essential oils with potent properties that can be used in many
ways around the home. For health, bath, beauty, and household cleaning
supplies. Here’s our featured recipe for this issue:

Headache Blend

25 drops lavender fine
25 drops sweet marjoram
6 drops peppermint

Read more about the benefits of these oils, find other recipes, and purchase oils at this site:
Essential Oil
Recipes and Info

Health News For Kids

Overeating and Diseases

A basic tenet of some traditional health practices say that the body can successfully digest only a certain amount of food at one time. Consistently exceeding capacity can lead to improper digestion and disease.

There’s an easy way to determine the correct amount of food to eat at each sitting and it’s a fun visual way for a child to learn to help set eating habits at a young age.

Put your hands together with pinkies touching in the shape of a bowl and imagine a rounded serving of food filling that space. That is what you can properly digest at a meal.


Herbs And Health Information For Children

Visit our children’s area of the site for health info, news, supplements, herbal tips and remedies, and more. Individual health consultations are available with Dianne Frase, our family natural health consultant. “/using_natural_remedies_for_children_sp_13/”
Herbs and Health Info
for Children


Keeping Kids Healthy in Winter

Children are exposed to all kinds of germs and viruses, but have you noticed that not every child gets sick?

You can keep your child healthy in the cold and flu season regardless of who’s carrying what around in the microbial world. Build their immune systems with herbs. Cultures all around the world do it. This is what herbs are designed to do.

The Herbasaurs Children’s Chewables from Nature’s Sunshine offers several products to help your children stay well this year and they’re so tasty your kids will beg for them. Read more:
Herbasaurs for Children

Featured Topic

Skin, Nails and Hair

Hair, skin and nails provide a look at the inner health of the body. These outward “signs” can tell you a lot about the condition of your inward health. Take this mini course and learn more about what will give you beautiful hair, skin and nails.

Skin, Nails and

Natural Health for Pets

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Nutrition Is A Choice

Here’s a nice side dish for the Thanksgiving table:

Pumpkin Poblano Corn Pudding
Serves 10

2-1/2 cups cornmeal
2 teaspoons baking powder
1-1/2 teaspoons salt
3 large eggs, beaten
1/4 cup canola oil
1 (15 oz) can creamed corn
1-1/4 cups canned pumpkin
1 cup ricotta cheese
1 cup diced red onion
3/4 cup seeded and diced poblano chilies
1 TB minced fresh ginger
1 clove garlic, minced (1/2 teaspoon)
canola oil for oiling pan

Preheat oven to 350°F. Combine the cornmeal, baking powder, and salt in a bowl. Make an indentation in the center of the mixture. Place the beaten eggs, the 1/4 cup canola oil, and the creamed corn into the indentation. Using a whisk, combine the ingredients. Stir the pumpkin and ricotta cheese. Blend well. Stir in the red onion, poblano chilies, ginger and garlic. Oil a 13×9-inchglass baking dish with the canola oil. Pour the batter into the dish. Smooth out the top. Bake for about 45 minutes, or until the mixture is set like warm, soft pudding.

Source: Whole Foods

Laughing Lines
Laughter Is Good Medicine

A woman was taking her time browsing through everything at a friend’s yard sale, and said to her, “My husband is going to be very angry I stopped at a yard sale.”

“I’m sure he’ll understand when you tell him about all the bargains you found,” her friend replied.

“Normally, yes,” she said. “But he just broke his leg, and he’s waiting for me to take him to the hospital to have it set.”

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Study Natural Health Online – Free!

Learn how the body works. Knowledge is essential in making wise health decisions. Take the entire course or choose a system you want to know more about (i.e. digestive, glandular, intestinal, etc.). Begin here: “/free_online_classes_sp_30/”


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