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This Issue Contains:

DONNA’S COMMENTS – Pets & Gardening

HERB/VITAMIN NEWS – Lemon Oil, How Long Do I Use Herbs?

HEALTH NEWS – Crayons/Asbestos, Computer Vision Syndrome

SUCCESS STORIES – Clean Start, Torn Knee Cartilage

PRODUCT FOCUS – SAM-e, MetaboStart, Botanical Benefits

NUTRITION & RECIPES – Nutrients in Food, Fruity Soy Shakes

SPIRITUAL & EMOTIONAL – ADD/ADHD Prayer, Self Esteem=Dress Size

FEATURED WEB SITES – Exercise at Desk, Arthritis, Drug Interactions





Better early than late!!! We’re going to be gone for a few days, so I’m
sending this out to you early rather than late. The Big June Specials end
on the 30th if you’re considering Wholesale Membership, so be sure to check
that out below.

Don’t forget to celebrate the holiday! Take some time off….sip some
lemonade, and take up sides for a watermelon seed spitting contest! Measure
it and let me know if you won. I’ll put it in the next newsletter! After
all, the local paper won’t cover it 🙂

For pet owners or those who do gardening and have neighbor’s pets that might
pass through, you’ll want to read this:

I recently read an article on the internet where an individual accidently
poisoned her dog while using garden products in her flower garden. It seems
she used bone meal and a commercial product at the same time on her roses
which were mulched with tree bark.

The dog, a Great Dane, was attracted to the smell of the bone meal and while
licking the meal off the mulch also digested the commercial rose product.
Within hours the dog was near death. The individual warned everyone to
thoroughly water-in any bone meal and not use commercial products for at
least two weeks after the bone meal.

You could also switch to organic gardening which would be more beneficial to
all life 🙂 Check out some organic gardening options! That’s all we use
and they work beautifully! It really feels good to know you’re putting
something good into the ground since it goes down into the water table

IMPORTANT NOTE: The stories, suggestions, and information in this newsletter
are not meant to diagnose or prescribe for you. If you have a medical
problem, you may want the advice and recommendations of a medical doctor.
All stories, recipes, information, etc. that is passed along in this
newsletter is for informational purposes only and is not necessarily
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Watkins. The ideas and information expressed in it have not been approved or
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Blessings of Peace and Health to You Today!
Randal and Donna Watkins
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