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A Natural Solution 4 You
April 13, 2005 Edition

A Natural Solution 4 You


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A Note From Randal

Hello Everyone,

Donna and I celebrated our 28th year anniversary last Saturday. We had a great day together and we capped it off by watching Donna’s favorite movie of all time, Phantom of the Opera. We both enjoy the movie and we have seen it 3 times now.

We have the sound track and we are now waiting for the DVD to be released. Sometimes we sing parts to each other but nothing like they do in the movie, for sure. 🙂

Hope all of you are doing well and enjoying the change of season that is upon us. Thanks for helping us to grow!

Until next time, be in good health!


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Health In The News

FDA Wants Stronger Warnings For Anti-inflammatory Drugs

The painkiller Bextra was taken off the market on April 7th, and the government wants other drugs in the same class to carry the strongest possible warnings about increased risk of heart attack and stroke among the millions of people who rely on them.

In addition to the prescription drugs, the FDA asked manufacturers of related over-the-counter painkillers such as Advil and Motrin to revise their labels to include information about the risks of cardiovascular incidents and gastrointestinal bleeding.

The risks posed by Bextra outweigh its benefits, the FDA said. The FDA has been studying the safety of the so-called Cox-2 inhibiters since Merck voluntarily pulled Vioxx from the market after heart problems were reported in users.

There are natural solutions. There are plants that have Cox2 inhibitors without the side effects. When you remove an “active constituent” from a plant to make it into a drug, you leave behind the balance that nature intended and the co-factors that go along with that active constituent.

Seems to make good sense just to use the plants as they were created and get the benefits from them with the balance provided within. Find out more about natural Cox2 inhibitors with this article:
Cox2 Inhibitors

Natural Health Consultant for You

Due to the high traffic of our website, we can’t answer individual questions, so we’ve found specialists in various areas that can help you. Dianne Frase is our natural health consultant. Read more about Dianne here:
Natural Health Consultant

Essential Oils For Health

Nature offers essential oils with potent properties that can be used in many ways around the home. For health, bath, beauty, and household cleaning supplies. Here’s our featured recipe for this issue:

Antiseptic Blend – Make Your Own Cleaning Spray

40 drops lavender fine
20 drops tea tree
10 drops lemon

Read more about the benefits of these oils, find other recipes, and purchase oils at this site:
Essential Oil Recipes and Info

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Health News For Kids

Stuttering – KidsHealth.org

“My talking is bumpy.”

“The words get stuck.”

“My tongue stumbles.”

“My brain goes faster than my mouth.”

These are some of the things that kids say when they describe how it feels to stutter. In other words, they know what they want to say, but the words just don’t come out smoothly. Kids who stutter will repeat a word or a sound or drag out part of a word. Other kids may have problems with certain sounds. For instance, “Ss” and “Zs” are tough for a kid who has a lisp. Someone who lisps says the “th” sound when they mean to use an “s” or “z” sound. Other kids have trouble only with words that have “Rs” in them. But whatever the speech problem, there is help available.

What Are Stuttering and Speech Problems?
As human beings, we have the special ability to share our thoughts by talking. We start by forming a thought in our brains .In the brain, this thought is changed into a code we’ve learned called language. Once the thought is coded into language, the brain sends a message to the muscles that control speech, telling them to move and make the right sounds come out. Then the mouth, face, neck, tongue , and throat muscles move to form words.

For more information go here

Featured Topic

Stools Can Reveal A Lot About Your Health

Here is something you want to tell all your friends about. 🙂

From your stool you may be able to get clues about your diet, your gastrointestinal health, and even whether your stress, anger, or anxiety levels are too high.

Do your stools float or sink? Are they black, brown, green or pale colored? Pencil thin? There’s lots of indicating factors. Read more …

Stools Can Reveal A Lot About Your Health

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Pet Health Stories

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Free Pet News

Healthy Pet Corner for Birds, Cats, Dogs, Horses, Rabbits & Reptiles
Healthy Pet Corner

Laughing Lines
Laughter Is Good Medicine

She had a wedding to go to, and needed a wedding gift. Aha, she thought, I have that monogrammed silver tray from my wedding that I never use. I’ll just take it to a silversmith and have him remove my monogram and put hers on it. Voila, one cheap wedding present.”

She took it to the silversmith and asked him to remove her monogram and put the new one on. The silversmith examined the tray carefully, shook his head and said, “Lady, this can only be done so many times!


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