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March 3, 2006 Edition

A Note From Donna

Some seasons of life offer more challenges than others.  We lost one of our two kitties last May to the effects of diabetes after many added years of life than were expected.  No matter how much time you have to prepare for things like this, death takes a toll on our emotions and makes us realize the finality that any day can bring to many areas of our lives.  It makes us more aware that we need to consider how we live each day of our life, making sure we cram into it the things that we truly would want to have in them if we had only a few of them left.

On Tuesday we woke up to find ourselves with a sick kitty and after a vet appointment later that day we heard the diagnosis of FIV, which is the feline version of AIDS.  The vet offered no hope and spoke of us bringing her back in a week or so to be put down because she wouldn’t eat or drink.  After the initial shock we’ve been focused on a program for her.  We’ve already had some "success stories" from pet owners who have used VS-C  for this disease so we’re working away and adding all the hope and prayer to it that we can get.

If you pray, please send up a prayer for Kitty Girl aka Squeek.  She’s a precious little kitty.  You can view some photos of her beginning here and clicking the double arrows to continue.

She’s a real glamour gal:  https://theherbsplace.com/gallery/cats/IMG_0938

As I schedule this to be sent tomorrow on the mailing list, we have had a glimmer of our hope returned with her perking up an hour after we gave her Spirulina for the first time.  I’m sure it’s everything we’ve been doing, but it was interesting to see her hardly able to hold her head up and then, no more than an hour later, get out of the basket and trot to the litter box.  And I do mean trot!  We were shouting for joy!  I know we’re not there yet.  It’s only a couple hours away from being three days since she’s eaten or drank water, but she’s more easily swallowing the droppers of concoctions I’m giving her.

Until next time, make it a happy and healthy day!

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Natural Health In The News

Leech Saliva Inspires a Medical Quest to Save Lives

For centuries, physicians turned to leeches to counter ailments ranging from heart disease to headaches. By the early 20th century, leeches had lost their grip on medical practice as doctors realized that bloodletting usually did more harm than good. But new scientific findings hint that physicians may once again find value in the lowly leech.

Researchers are now studying a genetically engineered version of hirudin, a powerful blood thinner found in the saliva of the European leech Hirudo medicinalis. Their preliminary findings suggest the clot-blocking prowess of the recombinant version may rival that of natural hirudin. If so, the compound may one day provide an alternative to the well-known blood thinner called heparin, and perhaps save lives now claimed by heart attacks.

Read the entire news story here:  

Have Your Say:  Should men be at the birth of their baby?

England cricketer Andrew Flintoff will not attend the birth of his child so that he will be able to captain his national team. Would you have made the same choice?

Flintoff made the decision with his wife, Rachel, to stay in India after the team suffered a string of injuries including to captain Michael Vaughan.

BBC wants to hear your stories of men at the birth of their children. Do women need the support of men while they are in labour or are some expectant fathers a hindrance?

How important is it for men to be at the birth of their children? If you are a father, did you attend the birth or did something stop you? If you are a mother, did the presence or absence of your partner help you?

Give your input here:  https:///newsforums.bbc.co.uk/nol/thread.jspa?threadID=1157&&&edition=2&ttl=20060228211700

Q&A: Your Bird Flu Concerns

The BBC news website has asked the experts to answer your questions on the issues of the bird flu.  A cat has now been found to have died of the flu and more study is being done on that.  Information is on this site if you search. A virologist, the BBC’s medical correspondent, and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds responds to question at the BBC news site:   https:///news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/4736888.stm

Natural Health Consultants for You

Due to the high traffic of our website, we can’t answer individual questions, so we recommend these natural health specialists that can help you.  They both offer free 30-minute consultations.

For People:
Dianne Frase:  https://theherbsplace.com/discontinuedl_sp_247/
People Natural Health Consultant

For Pets:
Robin Sockness:  “/pet_consultant_sp_134/”
Pet Natural Health Consultant

Essential Oils For Health

Essential Oils Are Nature’s Remedies

Not all essential oils are alike. To have results, you must  first have quality and potency. Plants need to be harvested at the right time  of the year and the right parts of the plant must be used. The distraction process  must be pure to avoid contamination and quality control standards need to be in  place to assure potency of the final product.

Chemicals can be used to extract the oils more quickly and  in greater quanitity with production costs reduced. Unfortunately these solvents  are toxic to humans and animals and they also destroy the life-giving properties  of the oils.

Essential oils are also sold diluted and some are not even  true essential oils, but a synthetic version. When diluted the carrier oils can  go rancid and leave stains which a pure essential oil will not do. Synthetic versions  are very popular as deodorizers and for candles. They have no value therapeutically  for the body.

Read the complete article on the website:  “/essential_oils_introduction_sp_2/”
Essential Oils Are Nature’s Remedies

Recipe:  Lavender & Tea Tree Spray Cleaner

1 t. borax
2 T. white vinegar
2 c. hot water
1/4 t. Lavender essential oil
3 drops Tea Tree essential oil

Mix all ingredients together and stir until dry ingredients dissolve. Pour into spray bottle for long-term storage and use. Spray as needed on any surface except glass. Scrub and rinse with a clean damp cloth.

Health News For Kids

Using Simple Remedies for Sick Children (and Adults)
by Donna L. Watkins

These comments are shared with you as a story of what our family  has done. It is not meant to prescribe for you.

1) Insist on lots of rest. Help your child feel as comfortable  as possible, but in a resting position. Don’t allow books, games, or TV that will  stimulate the body which produces stress on the immune system.

2) Simplify and lighten the diet. Lack of appetite is natural  and remember that it takes the same energy to digest a meal as it takes to ride  a bike 5 miles, so don’t feed unless hungry and then only small portions of food  without much fat or protein.

3) Give plenty of water, especially if there is fever. A child  with a fever must be pushed to drink at least a small amount of water or herbal  tea (1/4 to 1 cup) each hour or two. Water is needed for the body to ‘flush out’  the dead bad guys.

4) Address any infection that might be present with the appropriate treatment. Treatment will be quickest and easiest if you begin at the first signs of illness, but you can begin using the herbs at any time during the course of illness.

We’ve used herbs for our family. We keep an Herbal Medicine Chest of our favorite products on hand. We have personally followed  the above guidelines. We would give only water, watered down non-citrus juices,  and herbal teas to drink and withdraw food for 24 hours. We would set the timer  hourly, through the night if necessary, to feed the soldiers of the immune system.  They are fighting a war with the virus or bacteria present that is causing the  illness, so they need to be given ammunition on a regular basis or they will lose  the war.

Often people lose the battle when using herbs and nutritional  remedies because they administer them just a few times during the day, while trying  to maintain the normal schedule without enough rest, and eating foods that weaken  the immune system even further.

It takes a common sense approach to make herbs work and also common sense to know when to go beyond using herbs. Information and statements  regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration  and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Read more about herbs and children here: 
Natural Solutions for Children

Get Out! Popular Dance Video Game Helps Kids with ADHD

The same video game that endlessly distracts kids from schoolwork may improve concentration and memory, according to a study on a small group of children with attention deficit disorder. Researchers found that playing Dance Dance Revolution, the arcade hit from Japan where dancers try to match the steps of a gyrating computer animation, led to an intriguing boost in reading comprehension.

"We’re still in the beginning stages," cautioned Tammy McGraw, an education specialist with the Appalachian Educational Laboratory and lead author of the study. "But if we can demonstrate that video games help, we can find solutions that do not require us to medicate children as much."

Read the entire article here

Featured Topic

Sleep and Bacteria
From Creation Moments

When you are ill, you need sleep.  And when you are sick you are usually sleepy. Medical researchers are now learning that it’s not accidental that illness and sleepiness go together.  In fact, the relationship is one of God’s ingenious designs.

Early in this century scientists isolated what they called the S factor – the S being for sleep.  Modern biochemists have identified the S factor as a biochemical that is released from the cell walls of bacteria when our bodies destroy them.  This chemical finds its way to the brain where it induces sleep.  It also stimulates the immune system.  Normally the body breaks down some of the harmless bacteria that live in our digestive systems every day.  By the end of the day enough sleep factor has collected in our blood to make bedtime welcome.

However, when we are fighting a bacterial infection, our body is destroying many additional bacteria and releasing a lot more sleep factor.  That sleep factor is also stimulating our immune system to higher levels of activity.  Researchers recommend that we give in to our desire to sleep when we are ill.  Our immune system and non-dreaming sleep are closely related. In other words, grandma was right when she told us that we would avoid getting sick if we got enough sleep.

It’s no accident that bacterial infections trigger the body to react not only to rid itself of bacteria but also to strengthen itself for the fight.  This ingenious design is yet another indication that our Creator does care about what happens to us.

References: Feeling sleepy? Shhh! Bacteria at work. Discover, April 1987. p. 12.

Visit their website:  https:///www.creationmoments.com

Natural Health for the Pets in Your Family

Pet Supplements  by Health Topic
Pet Supplements  by Health Topic

Pet Success Stories Using Nature’s Remedies
Pet Success Stories

Natural Pet Email Newsletter – No Charge
Natural Pet Newsletter – No Charge

Healthy Pet Corner Website for Birds, Cats, Dogs, Horses, Rabbits & Reptiles
Healthy Pet Corner

Nutrition Is A Choice

The Center for Food Safety Concerned About Mad Cow Disease

Beginning in the 1970s, the meat rendering industry began processing dead, dying, disabled, and diseased animals for use in livestock feed–and pet feed–as a way to increase the protein consumption of cattle, pigs, sheep, and poultry (cattle can get the disease by eating less than one gram of diseased meat and bone meal fed to them as a protein source).

For over 30 years, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Department of Agriculture have been flirting with a mad cow disease epidemic. The public has largely been kept in the dark about regulatory decisions leading toward this potential public health catastrophe and even about the dangers associated with eating contaminated meat and meat products.

Tissue from infected cows’ central nervous systems (including brain or spinal cord) is the most infectious part of a cow. Such tissue may be found in hot dogs, taco fillings, bologna and other products containing gelatin, and ground or chopped meat.

Humans who eat contaminated beef products are at risk of contracting the human version of mad cow disease known as new variant Creutzfeld-Jakob disease (vCJD). The disease slowly eats holes in the brain over a matter of years, turning it sponge-like, and invariably results in death. There is no known cure, treatment, or vaccine for TSE diseases.

Despite the adoption of additional safeguards following the discovery of mad cow in the United States, the FDA still allows the risky practice of recycling animal offal into feed: ruminant animals (cattle, sheep, goats, deer) are fed to non-ruminants (pigs and poultry), and these non-ruminants are rendered and fed back to ruminants. Such practices are banned in Britain and Europe. Also, in spite of the wake-up call the FDA and the USDA recently received, only a small percentage of slaughtered or soon-to-be slaughtered cows are tested for BSE in the U.S. By contrast, Britain tests 70 percent of its beef cattle and Japan tests 100 percent.

So far, none of the vCJD cases diagnosed in the U.S. have been linked to domestically-produced beef, but this fact may have little bearing on the reality of the situation: the disease has a long incubation period and few dementia-related deaths in the U.S. are investigated. Creutzfeld-Jakob disease is not yet a reportable disease with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The Center for Food Safety seeks to make CJD a reportable disease so occurrences can be tracked, and to plug the loopholes that still exist in FDA and USDA regulations, i.e., require testing of all cattle over 20 months of age and ban all animal products from feed.

Visit their website for further resources and information on Mad Cow Disease.  This is a preventable disease so be informed.  It seems our governmental agencies do not have our best interests at heart.

The Center for Food Safety:

Laughter Is Good Medicine


Desperation is a fellow shaving before stepping the scales.

Let me put it this way. According to my girth, I should be a 90 ft Redwood. — Erma Bombeck

I eat merely to put food out of my mind. — N. F. Simpson

Try the Andy Warhol New York City diet: when I order in a restaurant, I order everything I don’t want, so I have a lot to play around with while everyone else eats. — Andy Warhol

On Children

How ambitious was Mrs Jones when it came to her offspring? Well, when a stranger inquired as to their ages, she replied, "The doctor’s in 3rd grade and the lawyer will be starting kindergarten in the fall."

Grandchildren are God’s rewards to grandparents for not shooting their children.

Children are a great comfort in your old age – and they help you to reach it faster, too. — Lionel Kauffman

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