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February 23, 2006 Edition

A Note From Donna

We are so excited about the NEW CHANGES on our site!

We have changed our pricing to one-price wholesale shopping with easier and quicker checkout.  This took effect on February 18th and we’ve had great feedback so we’re very happy.  We have more changes in the works.

By next issue we will be announcing the Spanish-speaking natural health consultant we will be referring to for those who prefer to speak to somebody in Spanish.  She will offer a free 30-minute consultation for those wanting to purchase Nature’s Sunshine Products.  She also has a Nature’s Sunshine site in Spanish, so if this is a need for somebody you know, please send them to Evelyn Davila’s site ( and click on the Espanol link.  This would be a great encouragement to her.

Time for some fun!  In the last issue I sent you a photo of my kitchen desk where I work right by the window which is right by the deck rail.  I get some wonderful entertainment while I work.  I’ve taken a bunch of squirrel and bluebird photos and want to have your creativity on giving them titles.  We’ve done this before and it’s so funny to go back and read them and have a good long belly laugh.  So begin at this link, add your creative titles and click the double arrow on the right to keep going.  In the next issue I will include this link again and you can have your belly laugh.  Laughter is good medicine!  Begin here:

We had some snow here in Virginia this year.  Can’t say it’s been much, but I did take some pictures the last time so you can see Bluebird Cove’s Garden in winter:

Until next time, make it a happy and healthy day!

New One-Price Wholesale Shopping and Easy Checkout

Over the past weekend we launched a new way to shop at The Herbs
Fast and easy!  One price:  wholesale pricing regardless of how much you order.
We’d appreciate you as a customer!

Tell at least one other person about buying Nature’s Sunshine products at wholesale prices.
There are free shipping and 20% off coupon options too with free membership.

Health News

McDonald’s Says Fries Have More Trans Fats

The world’s largest restaurant chain says its fries contain a third more trans fats than it previously knew.  That means the level of potentially artery-clogging trans fat in a portion of large fries is eight (8) grams, not six (6), with total fat at 30 grams not 25.

Trans fats, much overused by fast food processors, are thought to cause cholesterol problems and increase the risk of heart disease.  The dietary guidelines for Americans that were issued by a government panel last year said people should consume as little trans fat as possible.

Read the story at Yahoo:

Natural Health Consultants for You

Due to the high traffic of our website, we can’t answer individual questions, so we recommend these natural health specialists that can help you.  They both offer free 30-minute consultations.

For People:
Dianne Frase:
People Natural Health Consultant

For Pets:
Robin Sockness:  “/index.php?controller=cms&id_cms=134”
Pet Natural Health Consultant

Our next issue will announce details on our Spanish-speaking natural health specialist.

Essential Oils For Health

With the continual bombardment of viral, bacterial, parasitic  and fungal contamination in our world, essential oils are a great benefit to help  protect our bodies and homes from this onslaught of pathogens. Immune systems  need support and essential oils can give it.

Because of the enormous amount of raw product used to make  wholly natural essential oils, lots of products on the market have been polluted  with lower quality, commerical-grade oils or contain other chemical substances  to reduce the cost or increase the profit margin – a fact not usually revealed  on the label.

Essential oils have unique properties that have been prized  worldwide for thousands of years, being used therapeutically in early Roman, Greek,  Egyptian, Indian and Chinese civilizations. Often the secrets  of plant aromas were reserved for kings or other favored elite. For hundreds of  years, extensive trade routes became established to transport perfumed ointments,  resins, oils and spices throughout the ancient world.

Buy 100% Pure Essential Oils Here:
Buy 100% Pure Essential Oils

Recipe:  Nasal Spray Recipe

10 drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil
10 drops Marjoram Essential Oil
1 tablespoon of water, distilled if possible

Don’t blow your nose for at least 5 minutes after using the spray. The effects of the formula should last for several hours.

Recipe:  Colds-Flu

10 drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil
10 drops Pine Essential Oil

Add to the bath or put on section of paper towel so you can benefit by inhalation.  Inhale frequently.  Place on pillow beside nose.  This opens the sinuses and helps clear the head of congestion.  Eucalyptus is also a natural antiseptic.

This is a good blend to use in a plug-in like the AromaBall.  Kill germs all night long and promote deeper sleep by using this nightly in bedrooms.  Read more about the AromaBall here:
Sanitize All Night and All Day With an AromaBall

Health News For Kids

Using Natural Remedies for Children

Children are by their very nature rambuctious and often throwing caution to the wind.  However, as parents we often have to pick up the pieces after they have gotten sick, or injured themselves.  Choosing to use herbs and nutritional supplements can often go against everything we have been taught.  Our parents usually teach us to not take responsibility for our health problems as we are growing up.  As we get older, we have our own children and follow the same pattern of reliance upon the medical profession.

At this point, we can keep this same mindset or we can choose to change because we know medicine only treats the symptom.  We often learn this because we  take our children back for the same problems repeatedly.  Many people are deciding to try a different approach with their children in this generation of the "discovery" of the effectiveness of herbs and supplements in health care.

Prevention is the main issue.  Poor nutrition can make our children more susceptible to sickness.  Sugar, preservatives, colorings, white flour and dairy products all have the tendency to weaken the immune system.  Dr. Teresa Allen, D.O. says, "Drinking the sugar from one soda renders the immune system inactive for over 6 hours."  This is verified by bloodwork. Is it any wonder our children have weakened immune systems?  Good nutrition can help keep the immune system functioning and able to fight off foreign  invaders.

You can’t always monitor what your children eat and with some family time schedules you can’t always feed what you want to.  That’s where supplementation comes in.  You can fill in with the nutrients they are missing.   Basic supplementation should include a multi-vitamin formula with  minerals.  With the spread of so many viruses, it’s now wise to support the immune systems of children.  Herbasaurs has a great line of chewable products that children love:
Herbasaurs Chewables for Children 

For teens and adults, Super Supplemental is one terrific formula with a lot of nutrition and whole foods added:
Super Supplemental for Teens and Adults 

Advocates Threaten Lawsuits to Curb Food Marketing Targeted to Children

As more and more children grow obese eating fatty foods saturated with sugar, consumer advocates are threatening to use lawsuits and bad press and it appears to be working.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) is talking with Kellogg and representatives for soft drink companies about the way they sell products to children.  CSPI has threatened to sue Kellogg and Viacom Inc. if they do not stop advertising food high in sugar and fat on the Nickelodeon children’s television channel during certain hours.

In the past three decades, obesity has tripled among American children ages 6 to 11, according to data from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which is pushing to improve nutrition in school lunches.

Read the whole story at Reuters:

Featured Topic

What to Do if Your Finger is Cut Off

From Dr. Mercola’s site:
Dr. Mercola’s Site

Accidents do happen, and in the tragic event that one or more of your fingers is severed, knowing what to do can make the difference between saving or losing your digit.

You usually have between six and 12 hours to have the finger reattached, so acting fast is essential. As soon as an accident occurs, you should:

• Gather all parts of the severed finger, no matter how small. The surgeon may need them.
• Put the finger and any parts on ice and wrap it in plastic wrap.
• Place the finger in a jar or cup with lid.
• Do not put it in water, as this will cause it to shrivel.
• Call an ambulance and/or get to the emergency room as quickly as possible.

"Replanting" surgeries can be very successful if these steps are followed (as long as there is not extensive damage to the muscles). In fact, a 62-year-old woman recently had six of her fingers sliced off in a work accident.

Surgeons were able to reattach all of her fingers after a 17-hour operation — this was the first time so many fingers have been reattached in one procedure.  Read the article at the BBC News site:

Natural Health for the Pets in Your Family

Pet Supplements  by Health Topic
Pet Supplements  by Health Topic

Pet Success Stories Using Nature’s Remedies
Pet Success Stories

Natural Pet Email Newsletter – No Charge
Natural Pet Newsletter – No Charge

Healthy Pet Corner Website for Birds, Cats, Dogs, Horses, Rabbits & Reptiles
Healthy Pet Corner

Nutrition Is A Choice

Bugs as Food

Imagine sitting down to the dinner table and being served a bowl of thick, slimy larvae.  It’s enough to make most Americans’ stomachs turn.  But in other countries that same meal makes people’s mouths water.

Entomophagy—the consumption of insects—has been around for thousands of years in some cultures.  Today, it is estimated that more than half the people of the world eat a variety of flying, crawling, and biting bugs.  Not only do these insects apparently taste good, but they’re an inexpensive and nutritious food source.

Read the entire article here:

Laughter Is Good Medicine

"How come the Greens have started taking French lessons?" "Didn’t you know their adoption plans finally came through? They’ve gotten an adorable French baby, and they want to understand what she says when she begins to talk."

And moms will especially enjoy this one:

The first-time father, beside himself with excitement over the birth of his first son, was determined to follow all the rules to a T. "So tell me, Nurse," he asked as his new family headed out the hospital door, "what time should we wake the little guy in the morning?"

Study Natural Health Online – No Charge

Learn how the body works. Knowledge is essential in making wise health decisions. Take the entire course or choose a system you want to know more about (i.e. digestive, glandular, intestinal, etc.). Begin here.