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February 13, 2003 Edition

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Hi Everyone,

Our house progress has been slow due to the weather. However, we have the
foundation poured, the basement up and now the framing process has begun.
With this weather, it is real cold on the site and the builder had a slow
time because of not having frequent warm enough days for the mortar to not
freeze. However, he persevered and finished the basement wall about a week
ago. We are excited and also hope we have remembered everything we needed
to allow for.

We have moved the majority of our pet information to our new site at
Healthy Pet Corner

Consequently, I have been making sure all of the old addresses are properly
redirected to the new site. Seems like there is never a time when all the
work is done for a website. Early on in my internet adventures, I came
across a sign that says "webmaster isn’t the proper term but instead it
should be web slave". I don’t think that is the correct term but it
probably lies somewhere in between. 🙂

Hope you are able to stay warm during this very cold winter time. Have a
Happy Valentines Day!

Until next time,




ENERG-V is a comprehensive herbal combination designed to work with the
body’s glandular, nervous, and circulatory systems to promote increased
energy metabolism and improve glucose utilization in the body.

Each capsule of ENERG-V contains the following herbs:

Eleuthero, Kelp plant, Bee Pollen, Schizandra. fruit, Yellow Dock root,
Barley Grass herb, Licorice root, Rosehips, Gotu Kola herb, Capsicum

1) Nutritionally supports the glandular system.

2) Increases the circulation of nutrients to all cells of the body.

3) Stimulates central nervous system activity for increased energy and

This product was formulated by Joan Vandergriff. as a National Manager for
Nature’s Sunshine, she felt there was a tremendous need to combine the
energy, glandular, and vitality herbs all into one product.

According to Joan, most Americans have two basic health problems. They have
elimination problems and low energy levels. With just two products (Cascara
Sagrada and ENERG-V) both these problems can be resolved, making a vast
difference in many people’s lives at a relatively low cost.

Joan wishes the royalties from this product to go to the National Health
Federation which helps to protect our freedom of choice.

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(Reuters Health) – Although obesity is closely tied to type 2 diabetes,
normal-weight older adults may face an increased risk when they have excess
fat in all the wrong places, new research shows.

The study found that greater fat in the gut or within the muscle tissue of
the thighs was related to diabetes risk among normal-weight men and women in
their 70s.

Obese individuals were also at a greater diabetes risk, but obesity was
clearly not "requisite" for study participants to develop the disease,
according to the authors.

In fact, about one third of men and less than half of women with type 2
diabetes were obese, they report in the February issue of the journal
Diabetes Care.

"Just because an older person is not overweight or obese does not
necessarily mean that they are not at risk for diabetes," Dr. Bret H.
Goodpaster, the study’s lead author, told Reuters Health.

Normal-weight older people can still have excess body fat, and "where they
put the fat is an important factor in their risk for this disease," said
Goodpaster, of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in Pennsylvania.

Type 2 diabetes arises when the body becomes resistant to insulin, a hormone
that after meals helps shuttle sugar from the blood and into cells to be
used for energy. It is closely associated with obesity, but other risk
factors such as family history and older age also contribute to the

While the association between obesity and type 2 diabetes among young and
middle-aged people has "undisputed strength," the link has seemed less
strong among the elderly, Goodpaster and his colleagues note.

For one, type 2 diabetes remains most common among the elderly, although
their rate of obesity is lower than that of middle-aged adults.

According to the study authors, their findings support the hypothesis that a
person can be "metabolically obese," despite a normal weight. This theory
holds that body-fat distribution is a key factor in whether a person
develops insulin resistance and abnormal blood sugar levels.

In this study, of nearly 3,000 men and women, those with either type 2
diabetes or impaired glucose tolerance–a prediabetic condition–had greater
amounts of fat deep in the abdomen or interspersed throughout the thigh
muscles than those with normal glucose tolerance.

These regional fat deposits were associated with insulin resistance among
normal-weight, but not obese, men and women.

On the brighter side, Goodpaster noted that exercise has been found to be
particularly effective at cutting abdominal fat.

He said his team is now studying whether exercise and weight loss can
similarly reduce fat within muscular tissue in older adults.

SOURCE: Diabetes Care 2003;26:372-379.



(HealthScoutNews) — The heart rate of a developing fetus can be affected
when a pregnant woman suffers chronic anxiety and experiences stress-induced
changes in her heart rate and blood pressure.

A Columbia University-led study confirmed that changes in a woman’s
cardiovascular activity caused by emotion do affect a fetus. However, the
study, which appears in the February issue of Developmental and Behavioral
Pediatrics, didn’t report any negative health effects on fetal health.

The study collected data on the heart rate, breathing rate and blood
pressure of 32 healthy women in their third trimester of pregnancy. The data
was gathered before, during and after a psychological test meant to cause a
stress response in the women. Fetal heart rates were monitored at the same

The women also filled out a questionnaire that measured their overall
anxiety levels.

The researchers found fetal heart rate increases were related to a mother’s
overall anxiety level. Fetal heart rate increases were not related to
elevated heart rate and blood pressure while the mothers took the stress

The study found changes in fetal heart rate were highly associated with the
mother’s general anxiety level and cardiovascular activity during the
mothers’ recovery period following the stress test.

This article was found on Yahoo news! DEAD LINK REMOVED



This formula helps modulate brain activity and energy levels promoting blood
circulation and neurotransmitters in the brain.

Ingredients include Melissa officinalis to soothe nervous system, Ginkgo
biloba to support brain health, DMAE for memory and learning enhancement,
Bacopa to stimulate memory, B Complex for nervous system, and Grape Seed
Extract to neutralize brain-damaging free radicals.

Read more and/or purchase here:
https://theherbsplace.com/Focus_Attention_Powder_p_498.html Focus Attention

There is a Focus Attention formula available in capsule form also:
https://theherbsplace.com/Focus_Attention_90_capsules_p_497.html href="https://theherbsplace.com/Focus_Attention_90_capsules_p_497.html "> Focus Attention



I received this question and wanted to share the answer with all of you:

Question: I enjoy receiving your newsletter and wondered if I could pose a
question? I have had several friends who had their gallbladder’s removed
within this past year due to gallstones, and I wondered what exactly does
the gallbladder do? Is there something we can do to keep it healthy and
avoid gallstones? My mother had hers removed years ago and after seeing
what she and my friends went through I would like to avoid it. I have heard
of "flushes" for the liver, to remove toxins and tone it, is there one for
the gallbladder? – RE

Answer: The gall bladder is merely a container to store bile that the liver
has created. This bile is used to emulsify fats that are in our dietary
intake. The liver makes bile throughout the day and without the gall
bladder would have no place to store the bile it creates.

Without the gall bladder, most dietary fat is not properly emulsified. This
is due to the fact there isn’t enough bile to digest our dietary fats. Some
people that have had the gall bladder removed will choose to take some
digestive support in the form of digestive aids that contain bile. This
provides the bile that the gall bladder would normally have to supply to the
body when large dietary fat amounts are present.

There are many herbs to help the gall bladder and liver. Often if we keep
the liver healthy the gall bladder will benefit too. Many people have
indicated cleansing the intestinal system will help with keeping the liver
and gall bladder healthy. Also, avoiding heavy dietary fat intakes and
reducing the consumption of alcohol.

Regarding the flushes,you might use the search on our site to find more
information. I know many folks that have taken them and really liked them.
Others, have indicated they couldn’t tell they helped. When I took it I
really couldn’t tell a big difference either way.

A good resource to check out would be
“/cleansing_for_health_sp_28/” Cleansing



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