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How Much Should Children Take?

Consider assimilation ability, age, weight, extent of symptoms of deficiency. Always use common sense. Build confidence in what you’re doing and work with that motherly instinct. Respect your doubts and intuitions.

Basic Formula to Follow
Take the weight of the child and divide it by 150 lbs. (weight of average adult). This will equal the fractional amount of adult dosage required. Adult dosages are listed on labels.

Adult dose is 2 capsules, 3 times per day (or 6 capsules). A 60 pound child would take 60 divided by 150 which equals .40 or 40%. 40% of the adult dosage of 6 capsules would be 2.4 capsules a day. This is a general rule to follow. Start out with 1/2 of the amount initially and work up to the above amount after a couple of doses to be sure the herbs settle well with the child.

Keep in mind that labeling is basically done as a maintenance dosage. If you are in a crisis situation or chronic health problem, more herbs may be necessary more frequently. This site is not meant for diagnosis or treatment. Please contact your health care professional in situations of illness for your family.

What If My Child Can’t Swallow Pills?

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