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Please note the Home Spa Party Plan has been changed into this program.

We’re sharing the message of better health all across America, teaching people about herbs, toxins, the amazing gut microbiome and more. Join us as we help people learn how to improve their health with better lifestyle choices and premium-quality NSP supplements. Be part of the movement!

What is Health to Home?

The Health to Home program provides a simple way for you to share the power of Nature’s Sunshine products in an easy-to-follow and duplicable format. Health to Home events take place in the homes of friends and neighbors, a casual setting where you can share your experience, suggest helpful products and answer questions. Through this program, you promote health and wellness, find new customers and distributors, and increase your sales. It all culminates in maximum health outcomes for everyone and greater business success!

Reward Yourself with the Health to Home Sponsoring Promotion Add on

From now until December 31, earn up to $400 in CASH rewards when you hold qualifying* Health to Home events that sponsor new members into your Nature’s Sunshine business!

Here is how it works**:

  • Hold one (1) qualified Health to Home event and receive $10
  • Hold two (2) qualified Health to Home events and receive $50
  • Hold four (4) qualified Health to Home events and receive $125
  • Hold six (6) qualified Health to Home events and receive $200
  • Hold eight (8) qualified Health to Home events and receive $300
  • Hold ten (10) qualified Health to Home events and receive $400

Massive New Incentives through December!
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Presenter Incentives

Goal Sept. 15 – October November December Grand Prize
Points, Points, Points
Hold 4 events* per month
Swag bag +100 Inspire points per event 100 Sunshine points +100 Inspire point bonus 100 Sunshine points +100 Inspire point bonus Hold 12 events* and receive: Special Dinner at New Year Regional Kick-off Events
Utah Trip
Hold 6 events* per month
Swag bag+ Tablet +250 Inspire points per event** 200 Sunshine points +150 Inspire point bonus 200 Sunshine points +150 Inspire point bonus Hold 18 events* and receive: Trip to Utah, tour manufacturing plant and Hughes Center. Half day of training. Hold 30 events* and bring your spouse or NSP business partner with you!

**must hold 6 events to be eligible for bonus I-Inspire points. A qualified event has 500 QV with at least 250 QV from new sign-ups.

Hosting Incentives

  • Your host will receive 15 Sunshine Points just for hosting an event! (1 Sunshine Point = $1 in free NSP Product!)
  • You, as the presenter, will earn 25 I-Inspire points per event!
Goal Over 250 QV in sales Over 500 QV^ in sales Over 1,000 QV^ in sales Over 1,500 QV^ in sales
Reward 20 Sunshine Points 50 Sunshine Points 125 Sunshine Points 200 Sunshine Points

^Must have a minimum of 250 QV from new sign-ups.


Getting Started
If you’re interested in herbs and nutrition, we would love for you to be part of our Sunshine Family.  You will need to become a Distributor Member which will give you an account number to access more how-to information. Please be sure to make a note in your shopping cart that you want to take advantage of the “Health to Home” opportunity.

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