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Customer Comments on Herbal Salves


“I grab my BLACK OINTMENT when I get an occasional female breakout. It draws out the toxicity and readily clears up the imperfections. It’s not something you would wear under makeup “R.S.

“I was bitten by some sort of insect while asleep, but I certainly noticed the bite. I thought it would go away like most bites do, but it kept got redder, sorer, and harder. After a couple of weeks I was worried and put BLACK OINTMENT on. Two days later I could squeeze out a bunch of pus and blood. I continued using Black Ointment and squeezing out more yuck each time until it healed. Black ointment worked great for a bite that I left go much too long. I should’ve put it on right away to draw out those poisons immediately.” P.N.

“Tim got boils badly in Kenya. When we came home to the states, I was given some BLACK OINTMENT to put on them. It pulled them out with a core, and there would even be a hole for a little while.” Paula

“I received a jar of GOLDEN SALVE and decided to try it on the broken blood vessels on my face. I thought they were going away, but was sure they were after my husband noticed and mentioned it to me.” Jeanette

“Toree’s little bottom is clearing up and is almost totally clear after only two days of using GOLDEN SALVE! She has no more itching or soreness or anything now! What a blessing!!! One bump is completely gone, one other is almost gone and a third is about half way there. The other rash she had along with the bumps is barely visible now. She is now excited about putting medicine on her rear end because she feels so much better.” Tammy

“I must tell you, I used that GOLDEN SALVE on my perpetually dry lips and they are not dry today! I can never keep them moist or free of chapping and peeling even when I constantly use something on them. Just thought you would like to know of a success that you can share with others.” Tammy L.

“Mary Anne had a case of diaper rash like none of our other children. We tried Desitin and a few others with short term success but the severity and frequency of incidences seemed to increase. Then we discovered herbs! We applied some GOLDEN SALVE to the rash and it immediately soothed her, but with a day, she began to blister with oozing sores in the diaper area and that lasted a few days and then it all healed up. Understanding natural health solutions about this made us realize that the blistering was the body’s way of getting out all of the build up of toxins that the other creams had suppressed.” Mac C.

“One of my rabbits got an ear mite of sorts that makes a sore on the ear. I put GOLDEN SALVE on every day with a cotton swab, and it immediately started healing. After about one week, the sore was completely gone and his ear is good as new! Because of the consistency of GOLDEN SALVE, it stuck well to the ear without me having to bandage it.” Ginger

“We have used GOLDEN SALVE on many of our emergencies. The herbal antibiotics in it kept infection out. It generated new tissue fast, and healed so well that you rarely saw a scar. Our son, Ben, has avoided many stitches by using GOLDEN SALVE (after Capsicum stops the bleeding). My husband has avoided stitches after cutting himself with a tree saw and also a piece of metal on the car. It is an amazing product.” DLW

“When S. was 2 years old, we were at the park and another child was there that we didn’t know and he bit Susannah on the nose. It broke the skin and it looked bad after we got home. I really worried about it, but I put GOLDEN SALVE on it and kept it on the wound. In a week it was totally healed. There was not even a scar. After that, Susannah would say, “Dat my Gold?” Only 6 months later, she smashed her finger in a hinged lid to a desk. It cut through the nail and looked like she’d lose the tip of her finger. When we got to the emergency room, they stitched it back and said they didn’t know if the blood flow would get there or not. They wrapped it up with some of their cream and we were to leave it alone for 2 days and return. When we returned it didn’t look any better to me, and they wrapped it again and told me to continue to unwrap it and put some cream on. Well, I decided to use GOLDEN SALVE and by the time I went back again in 2 days, they said it was looking fine and not to return. I kept the Golden Salve on there and now you can’t even tell there was stitches….no scar….nothing! GOLDEN SALVE is much in use at our house and has done many great things!” Barbara

“I noticed a hard bump on the side of my dog, Tasha, and was concerned. I decided to try a natural approach and began using TEA TREE OIL four (4) times a day. I also added BLACK OINTMENT beginning the next evening. I applied that four (4) times a day also. I noticed it was shrinking in a couple of days. ONE WEEK LATER, Tasha’s bump is completely gone…zappo…it is gone! No trace of it. Great news!” Margot

“I used GOLDEN SALVE when I sprained my ankle and it was better in two days. I also use it for dry cuticles during a manicure. I gave it to a friend for a huge callous. She walks with crutches and drags her feet, so she gets huge cracked callouses. It is slowly healing even though she is constantly walking on it. She’s also GOLDEN SALVE it on sunburn and it took the sting right out and she didn’t peel. After enjoying it so much for herself, she began using it on her cat that has sores from fighting, and it is healing them up. Since the cat licks the GOLDEN SALVE also, she has noticed that it hasn’t thrown up any hairballs. ” Rob

“In regards to the moles and BLACK OINTMENT, it did take a while, and at first, it didn’t seem to be doing anything. I had read that people with skin tags had used it to remove them, so I started putting it on my moles. There really wasn’t much pain, and when they finally fell off, I didn’t realize it till looking in the mirror one morning. I noticed during the process, that each one I applied it to started to shrink. Then off they came! None that I applied it to have returned, and it’s been a while since I used this. It does require consistent application however, meaning I used it morning & night.” Yna

I want to give you a testimony about BLACK OINTMENT. I have applied it (twice a day) to some raised moles and other moles and some of them have fallen off and the others are shrinking. It is amazing!! It also heals scars, burns, cuts, and everything very quickly!! Thank you Lord for your wonderful healing!! Teresa

Awhile back I noticed a bump on my face and as time went on it seemed to be a wart, but then it began to darken and I could feel a “bump” inside my mouth at the same spot, so I got concerned. I decided to use Black Ointment since we have always kept that on hand to draw out splinters and glass and I’d heard others used it for warts and moles. Each night, and sometimes during the day, I put a glob of it under a band-aid. I couldn’t see much change but I did feel the bump inside my mouth going down so I continued. I think it must’ve been getting smaller but it was so gradual that I just couldn’t tell. One morning when I took the band-aid off and went to rub in the remaining salve on my face, the wart/mole came off. That left a little hole so I continued for a few more days until it was all gone. Black Ointment has sure done a lot for us over the years and I’m glad it’s one of the things we keep in our Herbal Medicine Chest. D.P. in Virginia

“I had a planter’s wart on the bottom of my left foot that just would not go away. Instead of going to the dermatologist for an acid treatment, my wife wanted to try something “alternative.” She put a drop of Nature’s Sunshine TEA TREE OIL on the wart and then followed it up with a dab of Nature’s Sunshine BLACK OINTMENT and then we put a waterproof Band-Aid on it to keep all the “alternative medicine” on it. We did it morning and night, and by the second night (after three treatments), the wart was flat and there was a “divot” in the middle where it looked as if the seed had drawn itself out.” Steve

The new kitty scratched up my Chihuahua pup’s ears. They started to flop over because the scratches would scab over and break open again and again and there was a lot of redness. Took her to the vet, since her ears had been standing up for over 2 months before getting the kitten, he told me to use an antibiotic ointment and hydrocortisone cream. He also taped her ears up for 11 days. She looked like a little martian running round. She got the ears untaped but they flopped down again. One night I came across GOLDEN SALVE in my night stand drawer and dabbed it on Sierra’s ears. By the next morning they were remarkably improved. She hates the smell of it and I have to chase her around a bit or sneak up on her to apply the GOLDEN SALVE, but her ears are just about all healed now and seem to be starting to stand up on their own again since the sores are healed and the inflammation is gone. I hope they continue to do so, even though I would love my little flop eared chihuahua just as much as my pointed ear ones!” Chatty

“When I get something in my flesh that needs to come out, I put a glob of BLACK OINTMENT on there and put a bandage over it. It’s amazing how it will draw the offender out so it can easily be removed. It also removes the soreness and irritation from the offending item.” R.S.


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