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My white German shepherd Nikki was adopted from the SPCA a month ago. He was very underweight, full of fleas and heartworm positive. He has been on Bandit’s Program since June 8th. I am following it very closely. I have to say that he has gained 4 pounds. The light is coming on in his eyes, he is more alert, and less lethargic! This is just amazing to me as he was so very sick.

He takes his herbs like a good boy because I think he knows he is getting better. Last week he was 77 pounds when I started the treatment on June 8th. When I took him in today he weighed 81 pounds. Will keep you updated. — Lisa Evans

Update July 23, 2005 on Nikki:  Nikki has gained about 5 more pounds and is more alert! He has stopped coughing! It seems like he is getting to be a normal dog. I will have him re-tested in a couple of months.  He looks so good. I didn’t realize how close to death he was when I got him. Thank you! — Lisa Evans

My Bandit is 12 years old and doing great!  He was diagnosed with heartworms in February 2004, a mild to moderate severity of infestation. He had a low activity level, with symptoms and coughing. He was on Bandit’s Heartworm Program for about 4 months and then tested negative for heartworms. I couldn’t  believe it! His cough stopped almost immediately when I started the herbs and he seems so full of life and playful (like a puppy). He is so happy and so am I! — Karen Porter

Update September 2006 on Bandit: My Bandit is doing pretty good! He has remained “heartworm free!” Thanks for posting my story on your site. — Karen Porter

One-Putt is a 10-year young Siberian Husky. His people, Chip & Janet, have 11 dogs (soon to be 12), Siberian Huskies/Husky mixes, and most are rescues. One-Putt has been on an all-natural diet (raw meat/vegetables/some grains) his entire life. For a brief time last year, an all-natural kibble was introduced to his diet and we believe that because his system was so pure and clean, that even a natural kibble wasn’t the best for him. We believe that his immune system was weakened and that’s when he became susceptible to disease and when he contracted the heartworms. He was expressing none of the symptoms but he was slowing down a bit.

Contrary to the veterinarian’s recommended treatment, we chose not to treat him conventionally. So, after finding out about Robin & Bandit, we decided to treat One-Putt with the herbal program. That was in September of 2003, and happy to say, One-Putt as of February 2005, is microfilaria free! In addition to the herbal treatment, we put all our dogs on the Bravo Raw Diet (, and all natural herbal multi-vitamins & plant enzyme/probiotics (digestive enzymes). None of the dogs eat kibble or grain, and not only are they all in excellent health, they love dog-sledding in the winter at the local state forest. One-Putt has a new bounce to his step and the other dogs no longer take advantage of him. He definitely reestablished his position in the pack and happy to say, he’ll be back on the sled dog team next season! — Janet Simon

Update September 21, 2006 on OnePutt:  One-Putt passed away recently due to old age.  He had been heartworm free, and had become a senior citizen in his pack of sled dogs.  He was a determined little sled dog over the years, and being only half the size of his pack-mates, he had to work twice as hard to keep pace. He had a quality life and lived it to the fullest.

Janet, his Mom wrote the following about him:  “A light in my heart is flickering out, and that light is the special joy your time here on earth has brought me, One-Putt. You were welcomed into our hearts as a little 8 lb. ball of fluff in November of 1994 with a champion’s heart full of love and life and with a very purposeful spirit – one that I will never forget. You went through a lot with us, my special boy, and you are now privileged to go to the next plane and to be here with us in a way that only those who have passed can be. I am giving you the honor of passing on with dignity, respect and clarity. Thank you for all you have taught us. You will be sorely missed, forever appreciated and eternally in our hearts. Farewell, my little buddy. May your spirit soar. ” — Janet Simon

Oreo’s story began in April of 2005 when he was 6 years old. Oreo is one of my 17 rescues.  He came from a fairly large sled dog kennel. A friend of mine runs his dogs competitively, and by his standards, the dogs are past their prime at 6, and once these “older” experienced dogs have taught his younger ones how to be a sled dog, he places them in good homes.  His dogs are all from Iditarod champion lineage, and have already taught my dogs so much. My dogs are mostly rescues, and even though they are all huskies or husky mixes, they have no prior sled dog experience and are not from sled dog lines, so adding the experienced sled dogs like Oreo to my pack/team has been very beneficial.

The former owner told me that he puts all his dogs on a conventional preventative when they’re puppies and keeps them on it all the time. He never tests his dogs and unfortunately, Oreo tested positive on the antigen test when I adopted him and took him to my vet for a check-up. Oreo weighed 45 lbs. when I adopted him. I immediately put him on the Bravo raw diet and a high quality, grain-free kibble.

I chose to use the herbal approach to treat Oreo’s heartworm condition. Even though my vet was unfamiliar with the herbal treatment, she was supportive and cooperative, since she knew that I researched, pursued and utilized alternatives when appropriate.

On May 4, 2005, Oreo was tested again: Antigen – high positive, Difil – negative, Smear – positive (saw 3 microfilaria). On August 23, 2005, he was tested again: Difil – negative, Spot – positive, Antigen – positive. He was no longer coughing, his vitality and appetite were good, and he was gaining weight, which he needed to do. He had gained 14 lbs. and was rarely coughing. His coat now had a nice sheen to it and I felt we were moving in the right direction.

At the end of September, 2005, his tests were what I consider to be very good news: Difil – negative, Direct – low positive (only 1 microfilaria viewed), Snap – high positive (I was not concerned, since my belief was that his blood still had the antigen, but not necessarily any adult worms.). My vet indicated to me that Oreo had a very healthy, athletic heart. Usually, a dog’s heart rate will go up at the vet’s office due to nervousness, yet Oreo’s was 60. The vet felt for murmurs or any irregularities and reported that his heart sounded excellent.

In February, 2006, Oreo tested positive on all 3 tests – difil, snap and antigen, yet he wasn’t exhibiting any of the heartworm symptoms. His appetite was good, and even though he coughed occasionally, he was coughing a lot when I adopted him, so I still felt that he was getting better and that his recovery was moving in the right direction.

In June, 2006, Robin and I discussed Oreo’s treatment and decided to switch his program up a little. As a result, I added Herbal Pumpkin (in place of the Black Walnut) with the hope of jump-starting his immune system and to see if that would do the trick.

The good news came in August, 2006.  Oreo tested negative on all 3 tests: two different antibody tests and one antigen test. Hooray! Maybe switching to the Herbal Pumpkin made the difference. I’m just happy that I stuck with the program and didn’t quit. I could have lost patience and decided it wasn’t working fast enough, or I could have been reluctant to switch to the Herbal Pumpkin and just decided to use the conventional treatment.  But that would have been a disservice to both Oreo and myself. Oreo is now a happy, healthy, vibrant 65 lb. member of the pack and the sled dog team, thanks to Robin and Bandit, and their wise and good counsel! — Janet Simon

I am writing to say thank you for making your heartworm remedy available on the internet. Our dog A.J. who is 15 years old was diagnosed with heartworms. Our vet told us that they could treat her with medication, but that she was so old and weak that it would likely kill her. We went to the internet to see if we could find an herbal solution. We followed your program and A.J. feels better than she has in years. She is running and playing again, where she was lethargic before. We also tried Pau D’ Arco for tumors that she had developed on her neck, back and tail. We were amazed when all but one of her tumors disappeared within weeks. We will take her in February for testing to see if her heartworms are gone. Thank you again.” — Jim Tucker

Brownie Lou
Brownie Lou is doing great! He wants to run soooo badly! Wagging that tail all the time too! I remember when we took Brownie Lou in from the shelter after his owner had to return him to move into a nursing home. We fell in love at first sight with this 12-year old dog with a raccoon face. He fit right in with our other dogs and learned the ropes quickly. His bad breath led us to discover that most of his back teeth were barely intact and were infected. We had seven infected teeth removed and cleaned the rest.

Heartworms were discovered while at the vet for the surgery. It was suggested he get through recovery and then discuss treatment. Due to a reaction to pain medication, he took a turn for the worse and we thought we would lose him. The vet agreed that going home may be the only answer, so we checked him out and gave him lots of love and attention in addition to antibiotics.

By the next week, Brownie Lou’s PCV levels were back up again and the fever gone. We still had the looming decision before us as to how to treat his heartworms. Considering Brownie Lou’s age and predisposition to medication allergies, he would not be a good candidate for traditional heartworm treatment, so I searched online for an alternative method and found Bandit’s Natural Heartworm Program. I emailed Robin and was so pleased when she replied and provided me with so much information and caring advice. Robin and Bandit gave me hope that we could treat our little ‘old’ fellow and help him to be healthy once again and live many more years with us!

I ordered the program and we’ve been on it for four weeks and Brownie Lou has felt wonderful. It is hard to keep him on a leash because he wants to run, run, run. His tail wags constantly and our little buddy is feeling so good. We have highest regards for Robin and this natural alternative for heartworm treatment. We tell Brownie Lou every single day that he has many years left with us. We believe it and with that sparkle in his eyes, he does too!” — Jackie Bigham

Black Dog
Back in March I started my Black Dog on Bandit’s Heartworm Program. Black Dog had been diagnosed with heartworms several months prior to this, but had been showing no symptoms until March. In March, he developed a terrible cough and was frequently out of breath. I began the program and within in a couple of weeks his cough disappeared. In about one month, his energy level went clear to the sky! I had a hard time keeping him quiet as I was worried about his heart due to heartworms. By December he started refusing his morning and evening pills. I took him to the vet last week and he tested Heartworm Negative!!! I am so grateful to Robin and to Nature’s Sunshine.” — L. Williams

Biko and Flip
Both of these dogs were rescued from our local shelter about a year ago and have heartworms. Biko, the yellow lab, has Entropian of the eyelids. He’s had surgery to correct them and will still need additional work. Flip, the border collie, was mauled by a dog and hit by a car, and was to be put down. We stopped that before they had a chance. We had Biko treated at the shelter with a half treatment of the traditional heartworm shot. He did not fair that well. Lost all his hair, was weak, and sickly looking for quite some time. I know he wouldn’t have made it through the other shot. So with Flip, we didn’t even consider it.

Both of these great creatures are now on the herbal treatment that I discovered while searching for alternative methods. I came across Bandit’s Heartworm Program and just had to do this. We are now just into the first month. I will continue this for another 5 months, and have them tested again. I think that every one should give this method a chance FIRST (if the vet and you feel they would do fine for a while). The two dogs are just as appreciative as you can imagine. We are thankful to have them, and to be able to treat them naturally, if possible. Thanks for Bandit’s story!” — Deborah Kane

Update September 2006 on Biko and Flip:  Biko and Flip were to the vet at the beginning of 2006 and were tested for heartworms. BOTH NEGATIVE! It’s been a long journey, but they are both past that hump now. Biko and Flip, I believe, were able to naturally expel the worms (under the vets ok) with the herbs and good diet. Both are so happy and young at heart. Thanks for all your help! — Deborah Kane

Thank you for putting yourself out there and offering the program to all us dog owners. Both of our vets rolled their eyes at the mention of an herbal treatment and both also didn’t assess the risks of the conventional treatment. It’s only been a month and a half and Smily is doing much better since he has been taking the herbs, he has more energy, nicer coat and has even lost some weight. Thanks Robin. — Matt & Jordana, Turks & Caicos BWI

Lumie, is 11 years young and lucky to still be around. I had suspected he had heartworms and began giving him herbs but was not sure of the dosage or combinations. When his abdomen bloated up the vets confirmed it was heartworms and removed 12 lbs of fluid from him! They assured me it would return in 2-6 weeks.

They advised me putting Lumie to death but as he still had a strong will to live, wagged his tail, ate and put on a good show when he knew it mattered, I decided against it. That was in late December. Then I found out about Bandit’s Heartworm Program and began a daily regime with Lumie. He has been on the program for 4 months now. For a while there he couldn’t walk and I gave him herbs and chiropractor treatments.

Even during this time it was evident Lumie wasn’t giving up and therefore I decided I couldn’t give up either. Because of Robin’s help Lumie is doing great. He is still on the herbs and the vets are flabbergasted, they just shake their heads in disbelief. I’m told he looks like an entirely different dog by my friends and neighbors and he constantly seems to be improving. Thanks to Robin, Lumie’s quality of life is better than ever. Lumie and I are very grateful for the quality time she has given us. — Lynn Owen

Sugar, Pebbles, Jessie & Sasha
Thank you for your help with my babies. Sugar, age 6, had a mild case and he was on the treatment for 4 months. Pebbles, age 13, was the worst one and was on her death bed and the treatment saved her life. Her treatment was 14 months. Jessie, age 5, had a mild case and she was over her heartworms in 4 months. Last but not least, Sasha had a mild case and was treated for 4 months and she is clear as well. — Starla Partin

I took both Mya (the female with heartworms) and her pup, Pecos, in for their yearly check-ups about 3 weeks ago with very happy results! The vet did Mya’s blood work to see (in his words), “How bad off she was as we had stopped the heartworm treatment with the vet because her heart had been so inflamed.” He did the first test and it came back negative!

He was so stunned, he came back in the little waiting area and told me, but said he was going to run it a second time as he could not figure out what had happened. So, he ran it again, and it came back negative again! He came back and wanted to know what had been going on and if we were doing something on our own. I had told him, what all I had been doing and working with your program. He was very astonished with the results and said she looked very good for all she had been going through.

So, she is now negative for heartworms, has a lot more energy, and is just doing so much better. I really have to say thank you for your help and I am so glad that I was able to link up with you and find out about how well your dog had done. It’s just amazing how well this has turned out. It took a bit longer because she had been so sick, but I felt so much better about giving her the herbs versus going through the vet’s treatment using the arsenic. I really want to thank you for all your help! We’ve had a happy ending to what could have been a sad one! — Michelle S. Mills

I am very happy to inform you that Dixi has been on “Bandit’s Heartworm Program” for 35 days (42 days since her diagnosis) and she is doing very well. She has had no coughing and has the sparkle back in her eyes and a little pep in her attitude. Thank you again for doing something like this for other dog owners. I was a little skeptical at first, because there is so much out there on the net, but now I have seen that it works and I am very hopeful and at this point I am very
optimistic that she will have a full recovery. — Kim Sternal


Just wanted to let you know that Hannibal, having heartworms, has been using Bandit’s Heartworm Program faithfully for three months.

I had him retested and he has turned out negative for heartworms! Took him to the vet in August 2003 and no heartworms! Thanks for all of your help and keep letting people know Bandit’s Program works. — Billie McCready

Robin, I wanted to give you an update on Sasha, who has had a full blown case of heartworms for 6-7 years. I have her on Bandit’s Heartworm Program since mid-April, had her retested on June 19th. She has only a minimal case at this point and I am quite please with the vast improvement so far. — Carol Youmans

Hi, Robin, I originally emailed you in April to ask for help with my dog’s heartworm infection. I just wanted to thank you again for all your help and concern. It is now December and Burton tested negative at the vet’s yesterday, and I was so happy I almost cried. What a blessing and a miracle to have someone like you to help those of us who cannot afford traditional vet treatment for heartworm! I have to admit I was slightly skeptical at first (probably because I thought I might administer the treatment wrong), but I am a true-blue believer now that my precious dog is completely cured. And it’s all thanks to you! God bless! — Natalie

Last June, 2003, my dog Kira was positive for heartworms. She is four years old and a very active husky. She didn’t show any signs of heartworm yet. I emailed Robin and she was a great help, we started Kira on Bandit’s Heartworm Program. In January, 2004, she tested negative, and I just took her for a second testing (March 27, 2004) and it was negative again. We will keep her on the Bandit’s Preventative Program. No more chemicals for Kira or Kik.  Kiki is our 14 year old Malamute who is still very active, who also had heartworm at three, she went through the chemical cure and it was very hard on her, we didn’t want to put Kira through that type of treatment. If we had known about Bandit’s Program then we would have went the herbal route. Thank you for giving our Kira a second chance at a good life. — C. Deskin

Immiticide Didn’t Work, So I Went Herbal – In January 2004, my 5-year-old beagle, Buddy, tested weak positive for heartworms. Buddy seemed healthy and had no symptoms prior to testing positive. Upon the advice of my veterinarian, Buddy was treated with the traditional and dangerous Immiticide injections, then was sent home for 30 days of close supervision and rest.

Six months later at the time of his first re-test he again tested positive for heartworms. The vet strongly advised a second Immiticide treatment. Research on the internet led me to Robin and the Bandit Heartworm Program. She was kind enough to speak with me on the phone about her experience with the herbal heartworm program. After an email consultation with a holistic vet in South Carolina who was familiar with the herbal heartworm treatment, I decided to try it for 4-6 months while still keeping Buddy on his monthly Heartgard.

I supplemented Buddy’s diet with vegetables, mostly green beans and carrots mixed in with his dry food. Buddy began his herbal heartworm program on September 6, 2004 and on January 27, 2005 he tested negative for heartworms. What a happy day! In addition to being heartworm free, Buddy has lost much needed weight, has improved energy levels, has a shinier coat, and appears to have more use of a partially injured hind leg. — K. West

My Sheltie Is Heartworm Free! – I just wanted to inform you that as of today (June 5, 2004) my 5-year-old Sheltie, Shadow, is heartworm free! He tested positive a year ago with a bad case of heartworms, and after a year of being on Bandit’s program, he tested negative. Thank you for putting this remarkable natural treatment out there. I could never have had him go through the conventional treatment and this option has proven to work! Thank you again! — Mary G.

Heartworms and Seizures Gone – About 6 months ago I e-mailed Robin about Fancy. She had heartworms and other health problems. I started Fancy on Bandit’s Heartworm Program right then. I just came from the vet and I am happy to report that Fancy is heartworm-free. The vet was very happy that she was heartworm free and that she no longer needs her seizure medication. Thanks for all your help, Robin. — Angel

I e-mailed you about one year ago regarding my eight-year-old mini schnauzer, Manny. He tested positive on the heartworm test and I put him on Bandit’s Heartworm Program immediately and faithfully followed the program. In August of 2004 he still tested positive for the heartworms. I continued praying for him each day and followed the program.

At the start of the program I noticed alot of sores coming through his tummy but he seemed to be feeling great. I have had my dogs on a healthy raw food diet and supplements so we already had that part down.  During one of the full moon phases when the parasites are most active, I noticed he was really not himself and feeling very sluggish. I also noticed more than usual coughing. After that time he has been noticeably feeling well and has not coughed.

I just took him in for his 6 month check-up (February, 2005  ) and he tested negative for heartworms! I just thought you might like to know! Thank you for your help! I have my baby back! I give all glory to the Lord and that he used you and your program to heal my dog. — Leslie George

Our Down Syndrome Son Now Has a Healthy Dog – I just wanted to give you an update on Tikka. We have been on the natural heartworm program almost two months now, and the sick dog I adopted from the pound is all but a memory. From the time I got her until two weeks ago all Tikka did was sleep. She would not play and if you did manage to get her to play fetch she would chase the ball two or three times and then cough and go back to her spot on the couch. She only ate ground canned dog food with absolutely no chunks of any kind.

We would walk my daughter to school, which is less than a mile, and she would be so tired that I would have to call my husband to pick us up. Not any more! I literally have to restrain her at times to keep her from running. She rolls and plays with our other dog and loves to walk to school and back. Her tail no longer hangs down, but instead, it curls over her back. Her fur is absolutely gorgeous, so thick and it shines.

We are going to continue the herbal heartworm program for at least two more months before having her retested, but I cannot thank you enough for helping us save our beloved companion. My son, James, has Down Syndrome and Tikka is his best friend. Our other dog is still a puppy and a little rough, but Tikka is content to let James lay all over her. I cannot imagine our lives without her. God Bless Robin for the time and work she does with heartworm dogs. — Pamala F.

Update February 2006 on Tikka:  Tikka is doing wonderful, she is heartworm negative! The new puppy is a rat terrier, I figured that I would wait until she is a little bit bigger before starting on the Preventive or Maintenance Program.  Tikka is on it still and doing great, she is such a happy dog! All is well here I am so glad to see your information really catching on! My vet was very impressed and said he doesn’t know why more vets do not know about such a great program. I have become a walking Bandit’s Buddy Billboard! — Pamala F.

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