Bandit’s Heartworm Success Stories #3

Bandit’s Heartworm Program Success Stories

Testimonials Provided by Pet Parents Who Used The Program


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Bo tested positive on June 25, 2005 with a moderate case of heartworms.  Our Vet didn’t go into much explanation, other than he needed $565.00 and he couldn’t guarantee that Bo would live through it. He’d need 2 days in the hospital and then I was to keep him “quiet” for 2-3 weeks. Now tell me, how does one keep a Black Lab quiet when he’s so used to being rowdy? His health at time of the heartworm positive test: 10 lbs overweight weighing 85 lbs, lethargic the last two months prior, not running around like he usually did, a bad cough, slobbered constantly, his eyes were dull looking, teeth were horribly colored with terrible breath.

Well, after reading up on what the “typical treatment” could possibly do to Bo, I began searching for  alternatives for heartworm treatment and that’s when I found Bandit’s Heartworm Program. After reading through the information, I emailed you. That’s when you sent me the information I needed. I ordered the herbs and on July 14 started Bo on the routine. I could tell a big difference in Bo within two weeks. His eyes became bright, he was actually running around his kennel again!!

After 5 1/2 weeks, he’s not coughing, the slobbering has stopped, and his appetite has improved 100% since I started making his food. I change it weekly, just to give Bo a variety, but I use a combination of chicken meat, carrots, peas, green beans, oats, and omega fish supplements. I also use fish meat, beef, to change it up a bit. I actually borrowed the recipe from my father, who used to feed this to his coon dogs.

At this writing, Bo has lost 10 lbs. He’s not “fat,” he’s lean and mean, well not “mean” in that sense, but he looks so healthy, everyone has asked what I am feeding him! I am planning on keeping Bo on this for another 3 months, then getting him retested, and if necessary, keeping him on it, until he tests negative. Then I will put him on the preventive regiment for the rest of his life. Bo turned 6 years old on June 16th, so I feel that this was a belated birthday gift for him!

I have attached a photo of Bo now, as you can see, he looks happy, and we were playing catch with the ball! I will keep you posted on his progress! Thank You and God Bless! — Lorretta Williams

July 2006 Update on Bo:  He is 100% heartworm free as of May 2006! I have recently gotten a Mini Schnauzer and will put “Honda” on the regimen to keep him from getting these worms! I have completely taken Bo and Honda off of processed foods. I now make their food and treats out of whole grains, chicken or fish. They just love it! I can never thank this site enough for helping me to get my beloved Bo well! He is now 7 years old and healthy! — Lorretta Williams

November 2008 Update on Bo:  I wanted to let you know our Bojangles is still heartworm free! We are still on the herbs, he has now been heartworm free since 2006. He is healthy as a puppy. He is just 8 yrs old now and I thank God every day that I found your site when I did. — Lorretta

Lexy and Blue
Hi Robin – just another unbelievable success story – well half of one anyway. My two rescues adopted in Feb. 2005, were both heartworm positive. Lexy, a 1.5 year old female lab/rotty mix, who weighed 49 lbs and Blue, a 3-year old male Australian Cattle dog/border collie mix, who weighed 48 lbs. Lexy didn’t show any signs but tested positive and blue was wheezing. Neither one of them had any stamina.  So instead of the horrible poison treatment, I found your website, ordered the herbs and started them both on it in May. Over this summer they both made wonderful strides in energy and general health. We had Lexy re-tested yesterday (she now weighs 63 lbs) and her test was NEGATIVE!  Because Blue was so far gone, I’m keeping him on Bandit’s Program for another 4 months before getting him re-tested. I want to make sure his test is negative too.  I can’t thank you enough for your wonderful website.  I tell everyone about the program and your website. My babies say thank you too! — Lori Loveless

Jake, my 16 year old German Shepherd mix, was diagnosed with heartworms on Friday, August 19th, 2005.  He’s an outside dog and had been coughing off and on for over a year.  It seemed worse in the mornings and we attributed it to cooler morning temperatures, until summer rolled around and it didn’t go away. I was devastated when the vet came back in with the positive test results. In addition, X-rays revealed that Jake’s heart was enlarged, but at least there wasn’t any sign of fluid build up yet. They gave us 3 options. 1-Full treatment, which was discouraged due to Jake’s age.  2-Treatment of the microfilia only (which in some instances can also cause death). 3-No treatment and when things turned worse, as they inevitably would, have him euthanized. These were the horrible options I was given for a dog that I’ve had since he was 6 weeks old.

After an awful weekend of decisions, we decided on no treatment.  His coughing had gotten progressively worse and we were told that even if treatment of the heartworms was successful, the cough would not go away.  At work that Monday I started searching the internet for heartworm remedies and came across Bandit’s Heartworm Program. I read through all the information … every bit of it, and called my husband.  He’s more of a skeptic than I am and I thought it would take a lot of convincing, but he knows how much Jake means to me so we decided to try it.  The next morning I placed my order and it was there the very next day!

I started making his dog food, (chicken, veggies & brown rice) and began Bandit’s program the evening of Wednesday, August 24. Within a week, I noticed that Jake’s eyes seemed more clear. They had been really milky looking, which I had attributed to age. During the second week, we started noticing that he wasn’t always laying down when I went out to feed him. He seemed to have more energy. The third week on Bandit’s Program was amazing. Jake started jumping up on me again when I went out to feed him. He hadn’t done that in years! His cough was getting less, his eyes more clear, and I noticed his nose was almost always wet!

Jake has now been on the program for 6 weeks.  His eyes are completely clear, he is energetic and best of all the coughing has completely stopped. I saw the vet the other day and she asked me if we had decided what to do about Jake. I told her I had already decided and had him on Bandit’s Heartworm Program. She’d never heard of it, but was excited to hear about his progress. She wants to retest him when he’s been on it for 4 months.  It’s going to be so hard to wait for confirmation of what is already so obvious, but I’ll be sure and send an update. — Shannon Price

Update January 2006 on Jake: Jake is still doing great, although his cough has returned a little just in the past week.  It’s not like it was, much quieter, but it’s definitely back. I’m going to start giving him Yucca again. Since he had quit coughing, I stopped that about a month ago. I took him to the vet after Thanksgiving, because he’s doing so great. She said that his heart sounds clearer than it did before. He still came back positive, but it had only been 3 months. She wants me to bring him back at the end of February.  She said that she usually recommends waiting 6 months before testing when they do it chemically to make sure all traces are gone. On the bright side, he hasn’t been this healthy in years!  He is so spoiled, I don’t think he would touch any dry dog food now, let alone nasty old Dog Chow. — Shannon Price

I want to let you know that Josi, the dog we were treating with the herbal heartworm program just tested negative for heartworms. It was very exciting. The vet wanted to say it was because of the life span of the heartworm. But we know better, don’t we? What are the chances every single adult heartworm she had died at once? I don’t know why the vets aren’t more open to new things. It is so much easier on the dogs. I wanted to get her re-tested because I watched her decline and then come back. I figured that the decline was caused from the heartworms breaking up and being absorbed. I just felt like they were gone and the testing proved they were. Just wanted to pass on the great news so that others may be encouraged. I would like to be able to help somebody like Bandit’s “mom” helped me.” — Mistee

I would consider Buster and me to be a success story in progress. When he showed up in our pasture in July 2004, he could barely walk. When we found him, he was just lying in the grass. We hollered at him, but he didn’t move. It was like he had just given up and was slowly dying. We knew he had many problems and took him to the vet where he was positive for heartworms, among many other ailments such as mange, severe malnutrition (he weighed 55 lbs), intestinal worms, and he had an open wound on his neck where he’d apparently been tied up all his life.

The vet said that Buster was probably about 6 yrs old, and that his heartworms were too far advanced to be treated conventionally.  He said we should take him home, make him comfortable as he probably had only a few months left. Well, we had fallen in love with him, so I came home and started searching the net and was intrigued when I found Bandit’s story and decided we would give the herbal regimen a try.

Buster has gained a proper weight of 90 pounds. We took him to the vet this month for a checkup and found out that he is still testing positive (snap test showing positive or negative), but the vet was very impressed with how well Buster had bounced back from the brink of death. The vet listened to his heart and said he couldn’t hear the murmur like he did last August and that his heart sounded healthy. So, he said just keep doing what I was doing.

I must say I think the herbal regimen is truly a miracle and that we’re 100% satisfied. I’ve written Robin many times with little piddly concerns and she always answers right back and has some very good and helpful suggestions. Buster barely had the strength to walk a year ago and now he jumps and runs and plays with our other two dogs like he’s supposed to. His eyes are bright, he’s always “smiling” at me and his tail never stops wagging. When I go outside, he never leaves my side. He makes me smile everyday, what more could I ask?  I look forward to another progress report in a few months!  — Susan Lacy and Buster, My Little Miracle Dog

I just wanted to thank you, Robin, for your suggestions to change Toffee’s food, filter her water, and supplement her with Protease and Vitamin C. It has made such a difference!  She was suffering terribly from upper respiratory allergies and your suggestions have made a HUGE difference.

I’d never considered that her diet could have such an impact on her health.  We started her on the Flint River Ranch Trout & Sweet Potato food and it’s made a big difference. I can also tell the difference when we started her on the Protease. Just a few sprinkles on her food, and her coughing, wheezing and itchy eyes are all much better. In fact after a month on this program she doesn’t seem to have allergies at all.  Thank you so much for your time to look up ideas to help her!  I appreciate it! — Bec Mueller

I can’t thank you enough for your help with my Duncan. I thank God for the Internet, because I don’t know how I would have ever found the program you helped me and Duncan with. I took him back to the vet today for his check up. He was on Bandit’s program for only two months, and his heart worms are gone!!! His test was negative, and the doctor was even surprised. He wants me to email him what we did! This is so wonderful, because I didn’t have to have him treated with poisons and it was much cheaper than the $600 near-death experience normal vets were willing to put him through that probably would have killed him, being that he’s nine years old and has Addisons. I’m keeping him on the preventive treatment, because he looks better now than he has in years. I don’t know which herb did the trick, but he’s doing great. I was really afraid it wouldn’t work, since we had to go easy on him due to his Addison’s disease. But it really came through. I don’t know how to thank you enough. I’ve told all my friends if their dogs happen to get heartworms, they know who to call! With my most sincere gratitude — April Scott, Fort Worth, Texas

My 3 year old Rottie named Bear who weighs in at 103 pounds, tested positive in April 2004 for heartworms. I was heartbroken and scared to death for my dog’s life. I decided not to use the chemical treatment and that’s when I found Bandit’s Heartworm Program. I had him tested in November 2004. He still tested positive for heartworms, however, there were no signs of microfilarea and he tested “low” which meant that the adults were dying. I continued with the full treatment until I had him re-tested. I changed vets because the old one kept trying to pressure me into doing the chemical treatment.  Since you can’t see the heartworms passing through your dog’s system, I feared that I would give in. I found another vet that was more supportive of an alternative program and I am very happy with the outcome!

On June 16, 2005, I had him re-tested after following your program closely.  I am happy to report that Bear is HEARTWORM FREE!  When I got the news I was overwhelmed with joy! I can not say thank you enough for your support with me saving my dog’s life. I am so happy that I did not give in to the fear of using chemicals.  Now he is happy, healthy, and heartworm-free!

I also spray him with the Geranium and Lavender Oil mixed with water every time we go out for a walk or for play.   I use cedar mulch around the yard and I use a garlic oil spray for the grass to drive mosquitos, fleas and ticks out of the yard. I was feeding him raw food, but that got to be too expensive and time consuming. I did find a food that he liked and after reading the ingredients I felt comfortable with it. He is eating Natural Balance. He likes the Ultra Premium Venison and Brown Rice as well the Duck and Potato.

Thank you a million times over! It was exactly one year from the date that I started using Bandit’s Heartworm Program. Bear Theodore is HEARTWORM FREE! — Michelle & Bear Theodore

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